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European and American popular stainless steel shower sliding door / sliding door / shower room simple special hardware accessories suite

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Attention, this product is now our first store for more than 6 years since the Thanksgiving promotional activities, the price concessions than usual 20 yuan / set, time is limited, want to buy as soon as possible! Do not accept bargaining within 5 sets, please understand, thank you!

This set of accessories our factory mainly exports to Europe and the United States and the Middle East and other developed countries, since its introduction in 2008 to the present has seven times to improve the product accessories mold, so far the product has reached a very humane, Stable quality stage. The most groundbreaking improvements have two main points: First, the improvement of the orbit, the beginning of the 25MM diameter pipe for orbit, but the use of the process found a problem that is the gap between the door and the fixed glass is too large, When the shower is easy to spray out of water, so we changed to the current 10 * 30 square tube track, so that the gap directly to the narrow 15MM. Second, the design of pulleys and anti-pinch eccentric shaft, before the guests often open because the hole a little bit biased and not installed or the effect of poor results, and now even if the hole to open a little more it does not matter .

Product Installation Example renderings:

Part Accessories Details Features:

Special Note: The above picture is only installed renderings, picture accessories style and color may be different from the real thing. A full set of hardware are brushed steel color, also known as sanding color. All pictures below are real photo shoot, please see the following real object.

A solid one set of default configuration:Two pulleys, two clamps, two anti-jumping pins, two pipe bases, two locators, one swing-stop device, one handle, one track, one A-shaped crash bar, F-shaped waterproof Article 1,ScrewAnd a set of hands-off, do the glass with a hole size drawings


The following is the real photo shoot of each accessory:



Tube seat:


Pipe clip:


Anti-jump nails:




Handle: The following two options (you can also freely change other styles in our store)







Wall clip: (optional or not, if you choose with the "wall clip" option photographed)


Waterproof and crash bars:

Installation and glass opening dimensions

Name: Shower sliding door / sliding door package of hardware accessories

Brand: Gu Gunda (because of this section of our factory are made to export sales to foreign-based, so all the spot are not marked blank export packaging)

Model: DG1602

Origin: Guangdong, Foshan

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Surface treatment: Steel wire drawing

Applicable glass thickness: 8-10MM tempered glass (recommended to 8MM thick for the best)

The maximum door weight: 75KG (all accessories are pure 304 stainless steel casting, 2mm thickened square tube track, the bearing capacity can not be questioned.)

Suitable for door weight: 40-55KG (that is, under this weight is the best, the longest service life of the product)

Recommended glass door best size: Thick 8 or 10MM, height less than 2100MM, width less than 750MM

The complete set of accessories using pure 304 stainless steel casting (that is, high temperature molten stainless steel material into the mold after a one-time formed), the surface of fine brushed, refused to rust. Widely used in shower room and a variety of small and medium-sized glass sliding door. He broke through the traditional aluminum alloy slide + small pulley that poor quality program (that low cost, that is, aluminum alloy track that is twenty dollars, a small pulley that is one or two dollars a) , High-end models, novel, unique, generous. Is the first choice of modern engineering and home products.

Before this sliding doors we only export trade, generally mainly in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other developed countries in large demand. However, in recent years, with the appreciation of the Renminbi and the improvement of the overall domestic consumption level, we gradually turn the market into domestic market.

Welcome to distributors and construction companies to bulk purchase, the price, please contact us to discuss.

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