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DC-DC DC booster vehicle power converter 12V 36V high current 14A power 500W

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PQ35/35 high frequency transformer + super magnetic ring inductor +6 high current field effect transistor
Import integrated voltage regulator module + large capacity high temperature electrolytic capacitor
Temperature intelligent control heat dissipation + super strength 40100 long life 1.5A cooling fan
Three layer superhard single tile B customized aircraft box, anti fall safer!
                                          DC12V-DC36V 14A 500WBoost power supply

Product model:3HE1236-14A

Product brief:12VTurn 36VDC booster,This productIt's a pulse width modulationPWMMode, non isolated switching regulated power supply, will be input12VStep up to 36VoutputUsing imported high power integrated switching regulator module as the core, can be unstable1016VThe DC power supply is converted to a stable 36VDC power output. HaveThe conversion efficiency is high, the performance is stable and so onInput over-voltage, output over-current, over temperature, output short circuit and other automatic protection function, and after the failure to restore the normal operation. It is especially suitable for car audio,LCD TV,Walkie-talkie,Monitoring system and mechanical equipment and so on.


Main performance parameters:
Input voltage: DC10V-DC16V
Output voltage: DC36V + 5%
Output current: 14A
Operating temperature: -20 C -+55 C
Conversion efficiency: >90%
Rated power: 500W
Peak power: 800W (MAX)
Quiescent current: <100mA
Size: length 140MM, width 87MM, height 52MM

Note: attention should be paid to the positive / negative polarity during the installation so as to avoid the short circuit at the output terminal (otherwise burning insurance)


Usage requirements:
Working environment temperature: -10 ~ +70
The input wire cross section is 4.0mm2
The output wire cross section is 2.5mm2
The converter must be installed in the car well ventilated, there is no flammable substances around, the water can not be the place
Input and output power polarity direction shall not be wrong, not arbitrarily change big, small fuse.
The input end must be connected to the protective switch of the power supply, so as not to cut off the battery protection switch, and then the power supply of the battery will be connected to the power supply through the buck converter, resulting in unsafe hidden danger

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