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3 "Wool Ball Wool Polishing One-sided self-adhesive wool ball White velvet Closure Polishing glaze

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3 inch wool ball wool polishing wool ball polishing disc white velvet Velcro

【Product Name】 wool ball

【Product brand】 SAR

【Product Size】 3 inches (75mm)

【Applications】Wool ball is widely used in automobile and motorcycle industry painting post-processing, furniture, electrical appliances, musical instruments, precision instruments, jewelry, precious metals and other products surface finish.

【Product Performance and Features】

⑴ can be used alone.

⑵ with the polishing solution (paste, powder) used together with the polished surface to achieve a better polishing effect.

⑶ able to handle the traces left before the polishing process.

⑷ easy to change.

⑸ advanced manufacturing technology, excellent material selection, wool soft and flexible texture, fur one of the natural fur in the polishing process, not hair removal, is a natural environmentally friendly materials.

⑹ wool ball polishing series and the market most of the pneumatic and electric polishing machine to match.

⑺ can be washed, reused, can reduce costs, economic savings


Supporting polishing chassis:

Supporting polishing machine:

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