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Temperature controller digital display XMTD-6421642264316432

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XMTD-6421642264316432 temperature controller is a new generation of high performance developed and updated
Intelligent instrument, with excellent control accuracy, rapid response to disturbance and strong anti-interference ability, meet the needs of users
Temperature control demand. It can be widely used in plastics, machinery, chemical industry, ceramics, light industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, heat treatment and so on
The automatic control system of temperature, flow, pressure and liquid level in the industry.

In the main features:
The combination of fuzzy theory and traditional PID control makes the temperature of the control object reach an unprecedented precision.
It has manual control function and manual / automatic switch without disturbance
View power output size
Advanced self tuning without overshoot, adaptive.
High reliability module technology is used in output circuit.


2.1 instrument input
Thermocouple JKESBNTR
Thermal resistance Cu50Pt100Jpt100
Linear signals 0-10mA4-20mA0-5V1-5V and so on
2.2 display basic error: less than or equal to the input full scale
0.5% + 1 words
2.3 cold end compensation error is less than or equal to plus or minus 2 DEG C, the temperature coefficient is less than or equal to 0.05/
2.4 resolution: 1 or 0.1
2.5 sampling period: 3 times /set, 8 times /set as needed
2.6 alarm function: upper limit, lower limit, absolute value, up and down
The lower limit value, the upper limit value and the upper and lower limit of the absolute value limit
Deviation value, range and standby state alarm
2.7 alarm output: relay contact AC250V3A (resistive load)
2.8 control methods: fuzzy PID control, bit control, manual control
2.9 control output: relay contact (capacity: 220V resistive load 3A inductive
Load 1A)
SSR drive level (DC0 to 24V)
Zero crossing trigger pulse: output of 1A600V with even silicon controlled rectifier
Phase shift trigger pulse: output of 1A600V with even silicon controlled rectifier
0 ~ 10mA current: load resistance below 600 ohms
4 ~ 20mA current: load resistance below 600 ohms
2.10 manual control: the user modifies the output through the keyboard.
2.11 working power supply: AC85 ~ 260V (rated 100 ~ 240V) 50Hz/60Hz
21.6 ~ 26.4DCV (rated 24VDC)
21.6 ~ 26.4ACV (rated 24VAC) power consumption: less than 5VA
2.12 working environment: environmental temperature 0~50 degrees, relative humidity <85%, no corrosion
Electromagnetic interference with or without strong electromagnetic interference.
A series of advanced intelligent digital display and control instruments
Size of instrument panel (bottom * height mm)
  G:48×48      F:96×48
  A:96×96      E:48×96
  D:72×72      T:160×80
Product series code: 8: intelligent multi function series
Main control output:
0: two bit relay output (adjustable switching difference)
2:PID regulation, three bit relay output
4:PID regulation, relay contact output
5; PID adjust, drive solid state relay output
6:PID regulation, single phase SCR phase shift trigger signal output
7; PID regulation, single phase SCR zero crossing trigger signal output
8; PID regulation, three-phase thyristor zero crossing trigger signal output
9:PID control, current (continuous output current output allows the load is less than 600 Ohm)
Alarm mode:
0, no alarm function 5, lower limit deviation alarm
1, upper limit value alarm 6, upper and lower limit deviation alarm
2, lower limit absolute value alarm 7, upper limit, upper and upper limit deviation alarm
3, the upper and lower limit value alarm 8, lower limit, lower and lower limit deviation alarm
4 、 upper limit deviation alarm

The type of input signal:
1, thermocouple 4, standard current
2, thermal resistance 5, resistance signal
3, standard voltage 6, frequency
The communication interface
No: no interface 2:RS-232 interface
5:RS-485 interface
The analog quantity transmitting output:
No: no output A0:0 ~ 10mA
     A2:0~20mA      A4:4~20mA
Example: the complete instrument type is XMTF-9411K0 ~ 400 degrees centigrade
Its specific function meaning is: the panel size is 96 x 48mm, PID control
The output of relay is equipped with K indicator thermocouple, the range is 0~400 degrees centigrade,
Intelligent multifunctional instrument with upper limit and absolute value alarm.
< annex >
2 sets of mounting brackets, one instruction manual

This instrument since the date of the purchase within eighteen months, due to manufacturing quality failure by the factory responsible for all
The surface damage of sawamoto factory warranty, charge the cost of repair costs caused by improper use.
This instrument should be in the case of complete packaging stored in dry and ventilated, non corrosive gas.