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3M05713 wool ball, 05713, car polishing ball wax ball 05713 wool ball polishing fur ball

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3M 5713 yellow single-sided buckle wool wheel

Product Description:

3M single yellow polishing wool ball -05713 cutting force is weak, will not leave hard to remove the Xuan pattern, Can remove serious paint defects, The bottom back can be automatically paste, Can be quickly converted polishing wheelthisProducts containing a special wool material used in conjunction with the polishing machine can produce rapid surface cutting effect, leaving behind traces of smooth surface smooth single-sided structure to use more convenient.

Diameter is about 24CM


Step 1: Align the center of the wool wheel to the Velcro tray.

Step 2: Hold the center of the buffing wheel tightly against the surface of the Velcro tray. At low angles almost horizontally, the glazed surface is polished. At contour and detail lines, reduce machine stress to avoid throwing through paint.

Maintenance instructions:

Clean the wool wheels regularly with a brush or an air nozzle to remove the wax. If the wool wheel is clogged, remove it, attach a clean wool wheel, continue to polish and allow the used wool wheel to dry on its own. Wool wheel to be used after drying, brushing or rinse. For flushing, use warm water (up to 115 ° F). Do not use hot water, strong or alkaline detergents or solvents. Use the washing machine can be used to clean gentle file.

Cooperation3M 5718Tray use, disassembly convenient, time-saving, excellent flexibility, long life, with1500Go to2500turn/Points of waxing machine. Rest the wool before use.

Specifications: 8 inch Material: Wool OD: 220MM (mm) Speed: 1500-5000 (r / min)
Material: Wool Size: 8 inches
3M wool ball with self-adhesive Velcro design, easy to replace. For paint polishing, widely used in automobile factory, the original motorcycle processing paint after the various defects, high-end furniture, surface finish, color TV, refrigerator shell surface coating after spraying, FRP mold and surface polishing
More than 5711 wool ball fine