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09 peripherals shop Dahl excellent mechanic RGB backlit mechanical keyboard Black / red / tea / green axis game keyboard package

The key frame design [87] [the orange and blue color backlight all button without the [50 million] red button 10 years + 4 [Dahl] life] [the spindle self feeling and comfort excellence [RGB] button the full-color backlit 1680W color transform] mechanic spot sale! Second speed delivery!

discount 70% in 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-22
price: USD$ 349.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Small partners pay attention to, the following links are the 2 generation of mechanical engineers and the 2 generation of RGB mechanic lighting video display and regulation, want more clear little partner can point in to see in detail

Lighting regulation and display of the 2 generation mechanic:

Lighting regulation and display of the 2 generation RGB mechanic:

           Dahl mechanic mechanical games gaming backlit keyboard

The mechanic will soon adopt the most famous Kai Hua axis in china,Kai Hua axis is about to replace the cherry axis, Kai Hua axis after years of research and innovation, technology has surpassed cherry companyWhether it is workmanship or material selection, after a lot of screening, only boutique!!


Pro, attention!


After purchasing the mechanical keyboard, please keep the packaging, because the later, both for replacement and warranty, are required to be packaged, no packaging can not be renewed and warrantyOh ~ ~ ~

09 teach you how to choose mechanical keyboard shaft

Black shaft:Can achieve the best or that trigger the fastest (1.5mm), beginning with may feel the pressure will be relatively large to the axis of green tea and some people needed to fully understand the characteristics of black shaft (no need to end or bottom), will give you the whole brought very big surprise, the black main shaft the keyboard is most commonly used in the game, I said is black shaft game weapon or the pursuit of the fastest entry tool!

Red axisThat is currently Kaihua shaft pressure most light trigger (2.0mm), also known as the black version of the light axis pressure, it also has a certain basis, it is same as the black shaft without the sense of paragraph, keep the black axis high trigger, is currently the highest embodiment of universal axis, it can keep the game features like black shaft, but also to reach the black shaft can not compete with the light touch!

Tea axis:I call it the all axis, and it's kind of good for both games and typing. The tea axis triggers a little slower than the black shaft (2.0mm), but it has lighter grams of pressure than the black shaft, and it's an easier way to get started!


Green axis: light typing tool, 2.4mm trigger is a very strong sense of rhythm of the shaft, used for typing the user to easily find a sense of rhythm, with mechanical sound it crackling, easy typing so pleasure over......

Fn+PrntScrn: enter game mode, Win key lock
Fn+Win: in the game mode, the lower right corner of the down arrow key and the AWSD key exchange vs.
Quit the game mode, Win button and up / down vs. bond and AWSD bond swap back to normal

Fn+ScrlLock: adjust backlight brightness and light breathing

Fn+F1: make the key effective time slow Fn+F2: make the key effective time faster (in typing input, adjust the key delay is too long or too fast; in the game, can adjust the incorrect key delay and lead to skills can not be normal release problem)
Fn+F3: slow the rate of return on keyboard Fn+F4: USB: faster return on keyboard USB
Fn+F5: play / pause Fn+F6: stop
Fn+F7: the last song Fn+F8: the next one
Fn+F9: open player Fn+F10: Mute
Fn+F11: volume reduction Fn+F12: volume plus

Some products under Dahl's banner have two different versions of LOGO version of leopard head LOGO and Dahl excellent LOGO, and worry about the authenticity confusion identification of consumer users. In view of the above problems, Dahl excellent is now issuing a special statement, at this stage, because Dahl is located in the brand upgrade stage, therefore, some market areas still exist old product LOGO leopard head and the latest product Dahl excellent LOGO two forms of LOGO appear simultaneously. This phenomenon belongs to Dahl excellent brand upgrade docking problem, belongs to the normal upgrade phenomenon. Therefore, whether leopard head LOGO image products or printed with Dahl excellent LOGO products are Dahl excellent goods, good quality! Confidence guarantee! Please rest assured that consumers buy, feel at ease to use