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Multifunction power meter PD194Z-9S4PD194Z-9SYPD194E-9S4PD194E-9SY

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多 功 能 电 力 仪 表



Multi function power meter is a kind of programmable measurement, display, digital communication and power pulse transmission output of multi-functional intelligent instrument, can complete the electricity measurement, power measurement, data display, data acquisition and transmission, multi function power meter is widely used in substation automation, distribution automation, intelligent building, internal power energy measurement and management, assessment. The measurement accuracy is 0.5. It can realize the LED/LCD field display and the remote RS-485 digital interface communication, and use the MODBUS-RTU protocol. It is suitable for distribution cabinets and intelligent buildings.



All three phase electrical parameters (three phase current, three phase voltage, three phase active power, three phase reactive power, three phase power factor, frequency), active power, reactive power and so on are measured.


To configure

2 pulse output, standard RS-485, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, programmable set, switch, cycle 3 rows of LED display or LCD large screen display.


To configure

4 way relay output (alarm output), 4 way switch input, 4 analog output














Voltage input: the input voltage is not higher than the rated input voltage (100V or 400V) of the product, otherwise the use of PT should be considered.

Current input: the standard rated input current is 5A, which is larger than 5A. External CT should be used. If there are other instruments on the CT, wiring should be connected in series.

To ensure that the input voltage, the current is corresponding, the phase sequence is the same, the direction is the same, otherwise there will be numerical and symbolic errors (power and power).

The instrument input network configuration according to the number of system CT, in 2 CT cases, selection of three-phase three wire two element, in 3 CT cases, selection of three-phase four wire three yuan, instrument wiring, network input Link setting instrument programming, load connection mode should be consistent with all the measurements, otherwise will cause the voltage or power meter is not correct. Please pay attention to the difference between the three-phase four wire system and the three-phase three wire connection mode. If the wiring error will result in the incorrect power factor, power and power measurement.

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