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Mouse switch, mouse buttons, rectangular microswitch, DM1 mouse button imported shrapnel

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 0.11
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:79
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1, all original stock, quality 100% guarantee, after receipt of goods, such as quality problems can be returned.
2, the store does not bear any costs except goods, including freight, invoice, exchange fee.
3, all products for a price of 100 orders of the price, without any cost, freight the company a fee, much less can not be returned, please note.
4, the company's business in accordance with the amount of business and submission time in accordance with the order of single shipment, delayed by statutory holidays,
According to the company's busy business situation, not to provide expedited business costs, the company's shipping department as a whole arrangement.
5, purchase components need to see the package form, volume, model, such as personal problems to buy wrong model, once sold will not be returned, thank you for your cooperation.
6, the express delivery can be chosen by the customer, but our principle is to use it only.
7, the pictures used in this website are all photographed by the company in accordance with the physical scene. All rights reserved, don't plagiarize! Never steal! Otherwise, the consequences are conceited.

Welcome to Shenzhen to fly to Hengda electronics, sometimes failed to respond immediately to the pro, please package letter!! to the "integrity of transactions, happy Taobao service" for the purpose of followers!!! We have to "quality and cheap, good faith" for business purposes

No receipt is required by default, please note by customer who needs to receive receipt or explain with customer service!




After sales instructions: after receiving the customer, what objection should be put forward within 7 days, convenient for the company after sale.
After careful receipt of the components, it is recommended to use it after testing.

Note: please contact the owner before making his

A: buyers friends, due to electronic product varieties, large flow, strong seasonal, plus stock manufacturers and so on, out of stock is very normal situation buyers friends at the time of purchase to the seller please inquire whether there is stock, the two sides took again after a conversation. So as to avoid unnecessary unnecessary trouble for you!

Two: because the market is changing every day, the price fluctuation is large, so the shop is the product of the standard price is not a price (the price is subject to consultation), wrong please forgive, shoot down before you contact the owner, thank you for your cooperation

Three: if you are not satisfied with the purchase of the baby, please contact the owner, do not casually evaluate, each praise is our hard won. We will complain to the end

For the majority of suppliers and manufacturers to provide more of a series of civilian high-tech IC, with strong ability to spot supply. In the fierce market competition, innovation and development gradually. Now has a large inventory, perfect matching.

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New and original imported environmental protection spot, a large number of spot price concessions!

Your advantage products, welcome to consult!

About express, please buyers read carefully at the time of purchase.

1The whole country supports Shen Tong, Yuantong and other express delivery. Please send a dispatchSFExpress delivery. Buyers buy a variety of goods only charge a freight. Overweight first charge plus heavy weight charges, repeat heavy charges are different courier, please contact the store.
2. Guangdong province support long bang, fast collect payment. Dragon express delivery on the same day. Unification of goodsShipment before 8:00 p.m.The waybill number will be filled later. Please don't rush.
3. buy a variety of goods, but because of the variety and quantity is less, the shipment may be delayed for one day, please buyers understanding.
4. when the buyer sign the goods, please be sure to check the integrity of the package after receipt.

5. Shenzhen Hengda electronic shopping Taobao storeDefault hairExpress every dayIf you want to sendSF, 22 yuan outside the province, 13 yuan in the province. If you want to send other express, please click here to contact us

6. Shentong arrival time is about 3 days (but Shentong time is not very stable) SF is second days generally, if you want the goods are in a hurry, please choose carefully express.