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Factory direct WDW-20 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine 20T ton universal tension test machine

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First, product introduction:

The WDW-20 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of dual space microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine specially designed for colleges and research institutes. The design of the host and auxiliary testing machine from Japan SHIMADZU advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. Now the computer system through the controller, the control servo motor rotation speed control system, the reduction system slowdown by precision after the screw drives the moving beams of rise and fall, complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other mechanical properties test, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, has a very wide speed range and beam. The moving distance, the test configuration variety of attachment, in the test of mechanical properties of metals and non metals, composite materials and products, has a very broad application prospects. This machine is widely used in material inspection building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber plastic, textile, home appliance industry analysis, is the ideal test equipment, scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, and technical supervision, arbitration and other departments.

This machine adopts full digital servo control system speed and high precision, stable performance and servo motor as the driving system, star controller as the core of control system, with WINDOWS interface control and data processing software, realize the test force, peak force test, beam displacement, deformation test and test curve of the screen display, all test the operation can be done on the computer automatically through the mouse. The good humanized design makes the test operation more convenient. The closed loop control technology, the machine can achieve near perfect test force, deformation and displacement and other parameters, can realize the constant stress and constant strain and constant displacement control mode, and can smooth switching between various control modes. The machine fully meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T228-2002 "the tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature". At the same time, it can carry out test and data processing according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and various standards provided by users, and it has good expansibility.

Two. The main technical indicators:

最大试验力: 20kN

测 量 范 围: 最大试验力的2%—100%(四档)

Precision grade of test machine: 1

试验力准确度: 优于示值的±1%

横梁位移测量: 分辨率为0.01mm

变形准确度: 优于±1%

调 速 范 围: 1-200mm/min

试 验 空 间: 600mm

主 机 形 式: 门式框架结构

主 机 尺 寸: 720×500×1820

重 量: 约500Kg

工 作 环 境: 室温~45℃,湿度20%~80%

Four. Main functions and characteristics:

1、 主机:
1.1 the machine adopts a door type double space structure, up and down pressure.
The 1.2 speed control system adopts servo motor and governor, and its performance is stable and reliable. It has over current, overvoltage, overload and so on. The speed range can reach 1 ~ 200mm/min.
The 1.3 transmission part adopts circular arc synchronous tooth belt, precision screw drive, smooth transmission, low noise and high transmission efficiency.
The 1.4 universal joint adopts the cross pin structure, and has the function of swing angle restriction. On the one hand, it is easy to clamp the sample and ensure the concentricity of the test. On the other hand, it eliminates the influence of irregular sample on the sensor very well.
2. Control system, operating software and data processing system
2.1 Ji'nan sta computer control system has the advantages of high integration, stable performance, easy adjustment and so on. Can the real-time acquisition of the experimental data, the experimental curves display real-time dynamic test data files can be saved in Access database or SQLserve large database, to facilitate the realization of customer resource sharing and network management, and then analyze the user. For user defined Word2000 reports, the software can easily access and solve different problems that different users or users have different needs for test reports at different times. The software can handle test force, displacement,
The original data of time and deformation and the derived curve.
2.2 protection function: the machine has two limit protection methods, software and machinery. The ratio of automatic shutdown can exceed the maximum load, and it can be dynamically set. It has many kinds of protection functions such as over current, over voltage and overload.
2.3 the load and deformation channel can be automatically labeled, which is intuitionistic and convenient.
The 2.4 batch test can realize the hierarchical display of the curve, and the curve can follow automatically.
2.5 the software can realize the user's custom speed setting, the speed computer adjustment. It can also achieve high precision speed calibration and adjust speed gear and coding at any time.
2.6 monitoring and testing process: the test force, deformation, displacement, curve and other parameters in the test process can be displayed in real time.
2.7 software privilege classification management function: in order to improve the safety of software and data, the software can achieve different rights management functions by setting different password protection.
2.8 result reappearance function: after the experiment is completed and saved, it can be opened at any time according to the needs of the user and reanalysis the test data.
2.9, load and deformation, load time, load to displacement, displacement time and deformation time curve can be selected according to user needs to carry out test and data display, storage, analysis and printing.
2.10 curve point by point traversal function: the mouse can click on the curve of the force and deformation value, in order to obtain the various parameters of each point.
2.11 result comparison function: it can observe multiple test curves at the same time, and can achieve the comparison of the characteristics of the samples to be analyzed through multiple curve superposition and local enlargement.
2.12 force interface: the force channel interface and test software can be equipped with various sensors according to the needs of the user, and can be calibrated, modified and normal test.
2.13, the deformation interface: the deformation channel interface and test software can be equipped with various extensometer according to user needs, and can be calibrated, modified parameters and normal tests.
2.14 data sampling frequency: the high speed sampling frequency can be selected according to the requirements of the user test.
3, special report: in addition equipped with standard attachments, can also be based on user need to be equipped with special attachments (such as cloth, aluminum foil, paper, etc.).
Five. The basic configuration of the system
1、试验机主机 1套
1.1直流伺服电机 1套
1.2调速器 1套
1.3负荷传感器 1只
1.4精密滚珠丝杠副 2套
1.5减速系统 1套
2、思达全数字控制系统 1套
3、光电编码器 1只
4、联想品牌计算机 1台
5、HP品牌喷墨打印机 1台
6、基于Windows操作系统的计算机控制软件 1套
7、随机工具(提供安装、维修、操作所需的专用工具及清单) 1套
8、拉伸附具 1套
9、压缩附具 1套
10. Technical data:
Including: use instructions
Software use manual
Certificate of qualification, packing list