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A molding of explosion proof and waterproof 50 square MICIN network camera special passive pickups zinc alloy

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Product introduction

  1、 PK-40N-BSeries is designed for synchronous monitoring recording acquisition equipment Kang, Kodak, Dahua, HUAWEI network cameras and video servers tailored.
2、 采用坚固、耐用美观的金属外壳,表面电镀处理,远离环境周围噪音的干扰。
3、 采用BOURNS专业录音采访全向音头,50平方内高保真、高灵敏、高带宽、无噪音。
4、 设备采用两芯信号传输,传输距离不超过100米,音频接口方式:MIC IN 。
5、 采用D.A.D.S.(双层空气缓冲系统)结构,再现了语音伸缩自如。

6、 数字降噪信号处理电路,提高性噪比及能减低因相位移动而形成的失真,Speech macro sound
7、 独特杜比全向逻辑环绕声标准设计,内置高速语音DSP处理单元,两级动态降噪处理。
8、 全屏蔽结构设计、杜绝外界电磁干扰,满足各种环境安装。
  9、 Monitor headBuilt-in lightning protection, power polarity reversal protection and power protection module.
10、 -40℃ ~ 75℃的超强环境温度工作,保证后端高质量的录音效果。
11、 通过欧盟环保ROHS指令2002/95/EC建设规范。
12、 通过欧盟CE标准以及最高检同步录音录像系统建设规范。
13、 通过美国联邦通信委员会即FCC相关标准检测以及相应系统建设规范。



Product parameters



performance index

Pick up range

50 square meters

Pick-up head

Sound head of a recording interview

Directional characteristics


灵 敏 度

-44 dB(10.0 mV  e 1V at 1 Pa)

信 噪 比

66 dB (1 kHz 于 1 Pa)
失真1≧ 0.3% (74dB声压、 A加权)
失真2≧ 1.2% (110dB声压、A加权)

Maximum sound pressure

120dB 声压(1 kHz ≤ 3% THD、A加权.)

frequency response

150Hz ~ 12kHz(90dB声压、A加权)

Audio output value

2.5Vpp/90dB sound pressure (A weighted)

Signal processing method

Dynamic voice 动态语音处理

dynamic range

78 dB(1kHz at Max dB SPL)

Output impedance

600~1K 欧姆 非平衡

Audio output value

2.5Vpp/100dB sound pressure

protection circuit

Polarity protection, fault protection, lightning protection

Connection mode

Two line system: signal positive pole (white), signal negative (black)

transmission distance

100米 双绞线、屏蔽电缆(电磁复杂环境请用屏蔽电缆)

supply voltage


Interface mode


ambient temperature

-40℃ ~ 75℃

electromagnetic compatibility

符合GB 9254-2008

reliability index

MTNF is more than 80000 hours

Shell material


Installation method

Suction top installation

重 量

217 grams

Supply situation

Goods in stock

Conforming to standard

Through the EU environmental protection ROHS directive 2002/95/EC construction specification.
Through the EU CE standard and the construction specification of the highest inspection synchronous recording and video recording system.
Through the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, that is, the FCC related standards and the corresponding system construction specifications.
It was awarded the patent certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office of People's Republic of China.


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