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Mia MIA high power electromagnetic oven 3500W embedded commercial diancizao embedded embedded type electromagnetic oven

National parcel post. Applicable to 1, all catering industry hotel, restaurant, restaurant, restaurant kitchen...... 2. Canteens in factories, colleges, offices, troops, hospitals, enterprises and institutions, trains, ships and kitchens...... 3. It is especially suitable for non fuel supply or restricted use of fuel without fire, such as basement, railway, vehicle, ship, aviation, shopping malls and high-rise buildings!

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 The choice of commercial electromagnetic oven by Dali twelve

 Dali: first by the energy saving
The electromagnetic thermal efficiency above 90%, fuel oil and gas thermal efficiency is only 20% - 45%. use
Electromagnetic furnaceTo save money, and can save non renewable resources such as coal, oil and gas for human. In contemporary, reactive power in the future.

Second reasons:environmental protection
No fire, no radiation, no pollution, no smoke and ash, do not rise at room temperature, CO, CO2, SO3 does not produce harmful substances such as environmental protection. The kitchen is quiet, clean, fresh, comfortable and healthy to cook. Is worthy of the name of environmental protection products.

Third reasons: to save money
Conservative calculations, fuel costs are relatively fuel saving 50%, saving 60% of the cost of fuel gas relative. Money is money.

Fourth reasons:Fierce fire
100 shaped core, super rapid fire display, can achieve visibility in fire stir high oil temperature under the condition of no fire fire wins.

Fifth reasons:durable
The main shell is made of high quality stainless steel material manufacturing, strong and heavy, durable parts of good material, therefore.

Sixth reasons:Water
The cooker is in the iron pot bottom of the pot body induction eddy current heating with high frequency magnetic field, the furnace body does not produce heat, without water cooling furnace surface.

Chapter seven reasons: beautiful

Seiitsu, elegant appearance. The overall impression of the kitchen fresh and refined, dignified and elegant, taste highlight, make people feel particularly clear.

Chapter eight: intelligent reason
Humanization of magnetic switch control, realize high and low power segmented control continuous tuning, cooking more convenient; visual display of power digital firepower, at a glance.

Ninth reason:fast
Because of the high thermal efficiency and fast heating speed, high rate of baked dishes. For a quick meal and happy diners.

Tenth reasons: stable
Using the latest
High power electromagnetic heatingTechnology, to avoid the voltage instability of the main control electronic components impact, host stable and long product life; the full closed loop design, constant output power, thermal stability.

Eleventh from Dali:security
Multiple safety protection, no risk of leakage,
No electromagnetic radiationThat will not explode. Safe and reliable.

Twelfth Dali by the Almighty.
Fried, fried, fried, boiled, steamed, stewed, braised, grilled, cooker and so everything can.

The use of high power electromagnetic oven


Any use of the traditional stoves (gas stove, gas stove, diesel furnace) place:

1、Hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants all catering kitchen......

2、Factories, schools, offices, hospitals, units, enterprises and institutions canteens (canteen), train, ship kitchen......

3、Especially suitable for use without fuel supply or limit fuel forbidden fire situations, for exampleThe basement, railway, vehicle, ship, aviation, shopping malls, edifice kitchen......

The working principle of high power electromagnetic oven

Commercial high-power electromagnetic oven furnace as a new type of commercial kitchen (kitchen) with the market. It breaks the traditional way of cooking fire, the magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current) principle of heating, electromagnetic oven heat is produced high-frequency current through the electronic circuit board part, by the rectifier circuit to 50HZ/60HZ AC into DC voltage, the control circuit converts the DC voltage into high frequency current 20-40KHz the magnetic induction coil, through the spiral, the formation of a high frequency alternating magnetic field, when the magnetic field lines through the metal ware (also called magnetic conductive material) current heating parts of metal body to produce alternating (i.e. vortex flow), eddy making pot iron molecular speed random motion, molecules collide, friction heat make the equipment on its own high-speed heating, and electric energy is converted into heat, for heating and cooking food, so as to achieve the purpose of cooking.The thermal efficiency of the electromagnetic heating technology of up to 95%, 40% higher than the traditional electric heating wire heating. Save energy, is widely used.

60% less than diesel stove!

Fried, fried, fried, boiled, steamed, stewed, braised, grilled, potAll kinds of cooking functions,Especially suitable for the supply of fuel and safety conditions of restricted places

Part of the large power electromagnetic oven

The 1. part: heating a microcrystalline glass panel with thermal insulation function under the pot of the electromagnetic oven (also useful for other materials), following a copper coil. Eddy current heating of the pan body by electromagnetic induction.

The 2. part: mainly control the power switch, the temperature regulating knob, power selection button. The internal control circuit to control.

The 3. part: the cooling air cooling mode. The body side of the distribution of the air inlet and the air outlet is arranged inside the fan.

The 4. part: Electrical consists of rectifier circuit, inverter circuit, control circuit, relay, electric fan, etc..

The 5. part: mainly include all kinds of cooking utensils, for use by the user.

The difference with household electromagnetic furnace

Household power electromagnetic oven, pan, and 220V AC into DC, a simple realization method. Commercial electromagnetic oven is round bottom pot, and the power of the 35KW, the selection and control mode and household electromagnetic furnace is completely different. Electric fry king, commercial electromagnetic oven belongs to the commercial industrial products. With the domestic electromagnetic furnace incomparable stability and durability.Normal use, can work continuously for 10 years or more (100 thousand hours). 


Use and maintenance of high power electromagnetic oven

High power electromagnetic stove before use, should carefully read the product manual, understand the product function, usage and maintenance requirements and the manufacturer may provide the customer service service content, pay attention to the identification operation of high power electromagnetic stove, the general should pay attention to the following points in the use and maintenance:

1. power electromagnetic stove most avoid water vapor and moisture, should be far away from hot gas and steam. There is a cooling fan in the stove, so it should be placed in the air circulation place. The air outlet should be away from the wall and other goods 10cm or more, and its use temperature is 10-40 degrees centigrade.

2. high-power electromagnetic ovens cannot use heated containers such as glass, aluminum and copper. These non ferromagnetic materials will not heat up.

3. when the utility model is used, the magnetic iron objects such as knives, forks, caps, etc. are not placed on the stove panel, and the watches, tapes and other articles which are easily affected by the magnetic field are put on the stove surface or carried on the electromagnetic cooker.

4., do not let the iron pan or other pots empty burning, dry burning, so as to avoid the electromagnetic cooker panels due to excessive heat and split.

5. in the range of 2 - 3M of high-power electromagnetic oven, it is better not to place the home appliances such as TV, recorder, recorder and so on, so as not to be adversely affected

6. high power electromagnetic oven is used, the power potentiometer and then transferred to the minimum position, then turn off the power, then remove the pan, then heating panel circle should not hand touch directly.


7. clean high-power electromagnetic stove, should be completely cooled, a little neutral detergent, avoid using strong lotion, nor use metal brush brush panel, not allowed to use water directly.