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KSD9700 temperature control switch temperature switch temperature control switch normally closed 90 metal shell

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Be carefulPlease confirm the requirement before shootingtemperatureElectric currentShellIs it metal or plastic?.


Tips: how to distinguish with the normally closed normally open.



Product size
A.ABS standardPlastic shell: 20.6mm * 8.0mm * 4.3mm

B.ABJ standardThe metal shell: 20.2mm * 7.6mm * 3.8mm

Conventional type of temperature control switch:


Reset temperature description:
When the operating temperature at 75 DEG C, reset temperature operating temperature of minus 20 - 10 Deg. C
When the operating temperature at 75 DEG ~100 DEG, reduction temperature operating temperature minus 30 - 10 Deg. C
When the operating temperature above 100 DEG C, reset temperature operating temperature of minus 40 - 10 Deg. C

forehead Constant voltage:AC250V/AC125V;

forehead Constant current:5A/10A

Normal electrical strength: > 800V

Contact resistance: < 50 milliohm

most Edge resistance: > 100 milli ohm

ring Speed: less than or equal to 1 DEG /min

Life times: > 50000 (load impedance ResistiveLoad)

Temperature detection methodThe two leads are respectively connected to the fixture specimen test equipment, through the current about 10mA (less than 100mA), with a light emitting diode current off, then the samples were put into a special temperature device, (test temperature equipment should be uniform, heating speed controllable) thermometer probe should be close to the sample. Detection device temperature to 0.5 ~ 1 DEG /min heating rate, when the light emitting diode light, down thermometer reading is for the sample temperature.

Working principle: KSD9700 the use of double sheet metal as the temperature, when the temperature rose to a certain value, square jump, transmission contact moves quickly, disconnect the circuit when the temperature drops to a certain value, the bimetal reset, contact Yi Suizhi was restored to the original state, to achieve the purpose of power through the road. The lightweight, compact design, maintain a portable device sealing shell, resistant to burning, maintain accurate disconnect and reset in the whole life period, to ensure high reliability.

Product features: KSD9700 type temperature controller is closed by the thermostat imports of thermal bimetal development, has the advantages of small volume, fast, accurate temperature control, control current, long service life.

Application: KSD9700 is mainly used for fractional horsepower motor, small power transformers, coils, household appliances, computer communications, fan, air blower, air conditioning machines, vacuum cleaners, electric stove, electric heater, mixer, Soybean Milk machine, induction cooker, electric ballast, belts, health equipment, water pump, fan, vacuum cleaner air conditioning, motor, motor, electric appliances, metal hydride nickel cadmium battery group, notebook computer, mobile phone etc..


Matters needing attention:
1, the contact temperature sensor installation, should make products tightly controlled appliance mounting surface.
2, the installation can not put the plastic or metal casing collapse or deform, so as not to affect the performance of.
3, metal products with insulating sleeve in the installation can not be removed or crushed without external insulation sleeve, to avoid leakage, to ensure safe use.
4, the products are used in the circuit is not greater than the 5A current, should choose the copper core section is connected with the wire 2 mm 0.4-0.75.
5, the product should be stored in the relative humidity is less than 90%, the ambient temperature below 40 DEG C place ventilation, dry and clean, no corrosive gas.