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RD048 star curtain curtain beads * bronzing velvet jacquard accessories accessories 2.5CM wide band

discount 60% in 2018-04-23 to 2018-04-25
price: USD$ 1.80
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:5
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Time limit mail活动时间:2017-10-24 -- 2017-11-30
A single order is full9.9元 上不封顶!
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A single order is full15元 上不封顶!
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A single order is full20元 上不封顶!
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Activity description: the single order satisfies the specified amount or number, and the system automatically performs the corresponding discount when the payment is paid. If you are involved in a number of different babies, please join the shopping cart first and leave the list once.


  Width of cloth1 wide 2.8cm width /2 width 2.5CM/3 width 2cm width


ClothGolden cashmere belt

purpose] clothing / hand / clothing / hair / baby supplies Home Furnishing

PriceA price for the monochrome 1 meters] price, shoot more than not cut.





ChromatismAll the goods in our shop are all in the hands of the shopkeeper, and the colors are proofread individually, but different monitors will produce different color differences. Please think twice about the colors that are absolutely accurate. If you have any questions, please ask the cabinet. After the shooting, not to the color of the imagination is not the same as the following or 5 points below, otherwise the complaint to the end

On size:所有棉或麻质的布都会有不同程度的缩水,复核尺寸请在过水之前进行。另,手工裁布,会有+ -3CM内误差。介意的MM请慎拍。

On the price:The baby on the shelf is already low price, if there is a preferential activity, please see the bulletin in the store. To support the wholesale baby, the web has been marked with wholesale prices, there is no room for price. Let's save time and enjoy a delicate and slow life together, thank you!

On praise and score:Where the shop is pro guest Amy, I hope to give you a beautiful baby and a better shopping experience. If you are not satisfied with the baby, please contact the cabinet first, for example, for quality problems, free refund or refund. If a non - quality problem needs to be refunded, the buyer is responsible for the return of the freight. If you are satisfied with the baby, please confirm the receipt in time and give the good praise and 5 points. Do not accept random grading. Please respect other people's labor and credit, build a harmonious shopping environment, thank each of your friends!



This shop only express, not to deliver.

Please use the shopping cart as much as possible. After taking all the baby, contact the customer service to modify the freight.

The default is the express pass, the 8 yuan in the 3 kilograms of the Pearl River Delta, and 2 yuan per kilogram weight. The rest area in Guangdong province first weighs 8 yuan a kilogram, and the continuous weight is 1 yuan per kilogram. The first place in the province is 10 yuan, and the added weight is 6 yuan per kilogram. The postal fee in the remote area is another. You need to send other express delivery to inform the customer service, the freight is charged according to the actual charge.


Alipay has a guarantee for buyers and sellers. It can make the deal more enjoyable and easy. Really do not want to use Alipay's pro, please contact the film after littlemi, payment before delivery oh.


Please leave a message for us if you have any questions.

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