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Exquisite natural silver shell bracelet Baiti ~ 52cm long teeth around 3 hand ring can make necklaces ~8 fold ~ bag mail

52cm 16cm for about three ring following hand around; wear for elastic line for elastic line (elastic line shall not suitable when the necklace); line necklace for free stretch necklace to wear line system (joint for stainless steel screws or screw magnetic buckle buckle)

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 53.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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"Huyou is nothing more than: we have mine, we have a large factory warehouse, we have a master model, we have to send our certificates, our baby special magic etc.. The same long web pages that have not actually tired, with these things you receive the baby quality without any direct relationship."
The owner carefully selected each baby, meticulous to every bracelet necklace beads, pick out defective beads super low clearance (see this shopClearing areaStore all the baby are accepted), no reason to return, return a full refund (do not need you to take this mail postage). If you choose to purchase shipping insurance when shoppingThe insurance company will be paid for, you have to return the postage, trulyZero risk shopping!
(PS: we don't praise back now, first of all is to praise back now Buyers rights kidnapping, second praise back now increases the cost of sales, and improve the sales price, the ultimate source or buyers. So please do not receive the goods after the parents again asked whether praise back now).


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Elastic line: with elastic line wear system (without buttons), three ring bracelet (elastic line paragraph for a necklace);

The necklace is used without the line: elastic line Necklace wear system (joint of stainless steel screws are screwed or magnetic buckle buckle), can be used for three times can also be used as a necklace bracelet;

Baby description


[introduction] for the golden Tridacna ancient marine organisms by orogeny, crustal movements from the ocean with the formation of the mountain rose to a month after month and year after year only the conch fossil, tail cut precious organic gems into beads. According to the modern scientific research has confirmed that in about thirty-five million years ago, the India plate and Eurasian plate collision in the extrusion zone, the two huge pieces of plate is formed in the Himalaya uplift. In the nearly nine thousand meter high rock layer, with a lot of former sea fossils, Tridacna was found in about five thousand meters of the Himalaya mountains.
Tridacna ingredients is roughly the same as natural pearls, the appearance of color is white with brown and white, brown with strong golden mercerized, constitute the overall appearance pattern as the wheel and ditches, but also quite like tai chi form, so called golden tridacna.

[effect] with evil Tridacna drainage safety, disaster solution, eliminate gather spirit, change the feng shui, Buddha is the Buddhist spiritual.
Secret treasure. In the Compendium of Materia Medica record Tridacna drainage of a town center, and other sedative effect, after long-term wear with unbelievable magic power and induction, such asEnhance immunity, prevent aging, stabilize the heart and improve insomnia effect.
Reminder Natural crystal as artificial crystal or glass transparent, most natural crystal crystal crystal with natural cotton and ice, which is characteristic of natural crystal. Natural crystal sometimes with natural mineral deficiency, please understand these characteristics of natural crystal, the pursuit of the perfect buyers please buy Synthetic crystal.


PS: for the same material of natural crystal, if the price difference is not too big, is almost certainly at first glance, but carefully can see the difference. The owner to do select each bead, so our product is absolutely withstand scrutiny, which is why the three dynamic score in our shop always much higher than their peers, because the comments reflect the defects of the probability is very low! Receive the goods if you feel good words, remember in the comments boast about Oh, pro!

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