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Carbon brush wholesale D104 D172 D374N 25 * 32 * 40 motor brush spring carbon brush holder carbon brush

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Shanghai Ze Xin Hardware perennial wholesale all types of models specifications brushes and ancillary products, welcomed the new and old customers come to buy, large concessions. As a large number of carbon brushes, the baby prevail in kind, the details you can consult the seller Want Want or contact the owner Mr. Tang, Tel: 13601610436. I wish you a happy shopping

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Carbon brush isMotorOr generator or other rotating machinerysectionAnd rotating parts of the transmission of energy or signal device, which is generally pure carbon and coagulant made, the appearance is generally square, stuck in the metal bracket, which has a spring to squeeze it on the shaft, such as oil drilling completed After the test needs to be performed, the instrument must be removed from the wellbore by sending the signal from the rotating part (the cable drum of the covered wire) to the ground instrument via a carbon brush. The look of the carbon brush is a bit like a pencil eraserwireLead. The volume is big and small. Brush as a sliding contact, in many electrical equipment has been widely used. The main material products are electrochemical graphite, impregnated graphite, metal (copper, silver) graphite.

China's brush the following categories:

1Natural graphite brush:S3S4S5S6BS6MS7S26S201251S253S255S270Wait;2, Graphitecarbonbrush:D104D172D172N/MD202D213D214D215D252D280D308D308LD309D374D374BD374DD374ND374FD374SD374LD376D376ND376YD464FD479Wait;

3Metallic graphite brush:J101J102J103J105J113J151J164J201J203J204J205J206J213J220J252J260J265Wait.

Note:1SOn behalf of natural graphite brush,SAfter the figures for the sequence number;2DOn behalf of electrochemical graphite brush,DAfter the first number said:1-On behalf of graphite (that is, raw materials based on graphite);2-On behalf of the coke base (that is, raw materials based on coke);3-On behalf of carbon black (that is, raw materials based on carbon black);4-On behalf of charcoal (that is, raw materials based on charcoal); the remaining figures for the sequence number.3JOn behalf of metal graphite brush,JAfter the first figure said:1-On behalf of no binder brush;2-Represents a binder brush. The rest of the numbers for the sequence number.4,suffixMNMLNFSYRespectively, said brush body impregnated different organic matter.

Model selection

1. To protect the normal operation of the motor, the correct choice of carbon brush model is very important, due to the selection of raw materials and processes used in the manufacture of carbon brushes, its technical performance is also different. Therefore, the choice of carbon brush, carbon brush should be taken into account the performance and requirements of the carbon brush. The distance from the lower edge of the carbon brush to the commutator surface should be kept at about 2 mm. Such as the distance is too small, easy to touch the brush holder Commutator, the distance is too large, easy to shake the carbon brushes and damage.
2. Carbon brush with good performance should be:
a can form a uniform, moderate and stable oxide film on the commutator or slip ring surface.
b Carbon brushes have a long service life and do not wear commutators or slip rings
c carbon brush has good commutation and current collecting properties, the spark suppression within the allowable range, and energy loss.
d carbon brush running, but hot, low noise, reliable assembly, no damage.
3 carbon brush wear to a certain extent, to replace the new carbon brush, carbon brush the best all at once replaced, if the old and new mix, current distribution may occur uneven phenomenon. For large units, shutting down and replacing carbon brushes will inevitably affect the production. There is an option to shut down the machines. We usually recommend that customers replace 20% of the carbon brushes (20% of each brush bar for each motor) at a time. Each time The interval time is 1-2 weeks. When it is going to be running-in, the remaining carbon brushes will be replaced gradually to ensure normal continuous operation of the unit.
4. In the same motor, in principle, should use the same type of carbon brushes, but for individual commutation is particularly difficult for large and medium-sized motor, the use of Gemini carbon brush, slide into the side with good lubrication performance, slide out with inhibition Strong spark brush, so that carbon brush operation is improved.
5. Apply to the same motor brush unit pressure should be uniform, in order to avoid uneven current distribution, resulting in individual carbon brush overheating and sparks. The unit pressure of carbon brush should be selected according to "carbon brush technical performance table". For the motor with high speed or the motor working under vibration, unit pressure should be properly increased to ensure normal operation. For example: traction motor carbon brush unit pressure 0.4-0.6kgf / cm2.
6. In order to make the brush and the commutator good contact, the new brush should be polished arc, grinding arc generally in the motor. Place a fine glass sandpaper between the carbon brush and the commutator. Under normal spring pressure, grind the carbon brush along the motor rotation direction. The sandpaper should be as close as possible to the commutator until the carbon brush surface matches and then remove Sandpaper, blowing dust with compressed air, then wipe clean with a soft cloth. Grinding carbon brush should not be used emery paper to prevent the diamond particles embedded commutator slot, the motor is running, scratching the surface of the brush and commutator. After the arc grinding, the motor first 20-30% to the load operation for hours, the carbon brush and commutator run-in, and the establishment of a uniform oxide film. Then gradually increase the current to rated load.
Usually carbon brush unit pressure is increased carbon brush wear, the unit pressure is too small, unstable contact, prone to mechanical sparks.