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Stingy genuine 4U30W/40W/50W/55W/65W/85W/105W to promote energy-saving lamps

Stingy energy-saving lamps using high quality imported electronic components, the brightness is 5 times higher than the traditional incandescent lamp, life is as high as 8 times. High luminous efficiency, slow decay, energy saving and environmental protection. High color rendering index, bright and light color, healthy eye protection, greatly reduce eye fatigue, give you the feeling of home ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ brighten your good mood! (routine is E27 lamp holder, need other lamp holder, please contact customer service, thank you for your support!)

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
price: USD$ 69.93
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product Brief


1It's brighter and less dazzlingThree color powder: water pipe to stingy energy-saving lamp color index up80Above,True colors are restored to the greatest degree,Naturally, the user's eyes feel more cordial.

2) more energy saving and more affordableCompared with ordinary energy-saving lamps,The stingy energy-saving lamp tube and three color phosphor coating of high quality and efficient electronic ballasts.,11WCan reach the ordinary incandescent lamp55Tile brightness,Energy saving up to80%Above。

3Long life:Stingy energy-saving lamp, long service life8000More than an hour, and can withstand10000More than one break current impact is common incandescent lamp8Times above. One to eight.

2, explanation:

1The three color lamp), water pipe coating, high luminous efficiency, high luminous efficiency of65Lumens/Tile.

2A high efficiency electronic rectifier is used for the electronic parts, and the color rendering index is greater than or equal to80

3And the lamp holder is adoptedPBTFlame retardant material with long service life8000Hours, high power factor, power utilization ratio is greater than or equal to98%

4)、Energy-saving lamp is stingyNational inspection free productsas well asDesignated products of Olympic Sports Center,China energy conservation certification, high quality, national authority certification.

(5) detailed size model.


Buyers need to know

First, sign prompt
1Lamps are fragile products, we will strengthen the packaging before shipment, such as glass parts will beUpgrade especially on packaging,Free wood frame protection.

2Such as the choice of the logistics delivery method only need to check the packaging is intact, whether the pressure outside the box deformation, whether there is a hole, check the waybill mark number is consistent,Do you have any traces of opening?.In the case of intact packaging, you can sign directly.If there is an unusual situation, please reject, and notify the seller in time, so that the company to investigate the responsibility of transport units! Otherwise, we will not be responsible for the loss caused by direct receipt!

3Please check the goods as soon as possible after taking delivery,In case of breakage, please sign after receipt24Providing relevant photos within hours, and free replacement of the damaged parts.Sign over24After 24 hours, the damage will not be confirmed due to breakage, and will be reissued at the cost of the fee.

4The courier, the attitude has been becoming the chief culprit in poor assessment. Hope that buyers can understand the seller's difficulties, the courier's attitude, we have no way to control. At the same time, we recommend that your attitude is better, to respect others is to respect yourself, you have a high quality, I believe the whole process is very smooth and pleasant sign. Of course, buyers believe that a local express service attitude is good, can also be explained at the time of purchase, as far as possible we use your designated courier company.

Two,Warm tips

1We each before the issue will be very carefully one by one through electrical test, if there are problems, manufacturers give us a free replacement, so there is no we want to put this kind of risk in the buyer's head, when the buyer receiving the examination clear or their storage, improper installation will not be damaged claim.

2Because I shop goods more, being constantly on the process, or may inevitably lead to errors or error description text, please Amoy friends before the purchase must be with the restaurant staff contacted, specific product information to the staff to answer such problems as the standard, can not serve as a basis for evaluation on difference and return.

3Your demand is the goal of our store service, providing you with satisfactory service is our eternal responsibility.



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