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GP-3360 ceramic rotor heating blanket heating pump 220v centrifugal pump high temperature silent small circulating pump

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GP-3360 pump parameters

(Amphibious can do submersible pump (cold water), can also be used as a self-priming pump, but after the first irrigation can absorb water)

Flow: 500L / H (about 500 liters per hour)
Head: 1 meter

Power: 7W

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Outlet size: 8.5mm (8 * 11mm silicone tube recommended)
Inlet size: 15mm (15 * 18mm silicone tube recommended)
Hot water temperature: 100 degrees
Power cord length: 1.5 m (with plug)

Product Size: 65 * 52 * 58mm
Please note:
1: This pump is a centrifugal pump, when used on land will not self-priming, to give water into the water pipe, before they can self-absorption!
Diving use is limited to 40 degrees water temperature!
2: Head is the outlet connected to the water pipe, water column in the vertical height of the water pipe.


The pump is a special pump for plumbing mattresses, which can work normally in the water temperature of about 100 degrees. The water pump has good sealing and no water leakage. The pump is made of high quality materials such as ceramic shaft, ceramic rotor and imported high temperature plastic. High temperature, ultra-quiet is the biggest selling point of the pump! This product is guaranteed for one year!
1. GP-3360 a real one-cylinder high temperature water pump technology leader. Create the best plumbing blanket pump plumbing bed pump.

2. Internal use of imported ceramic rotor, ceramic shaft high temperature, the use of very smooth, no jitter, super wear-resistant, will never rust, the noise can reach ≤ 30 dB.

3.Motor windings are fully enclosed, using a unique formula resin potting, good insulation, never leak. preservative.

4. Cylinder outside the pump is very safe to use in the blanket is not afraid of the long-term soak the power cord aging.

5. Please rest assured to use,one year warranty.

6. Temperature up to 100 degrees, the shell temperature can reach 240 degrees.
3360 pumps need to use the water pipe: water pipe 15 * 18 silicone tube. Outlet pipe 8 * 11 silicone tube
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