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Shanghai stopwatch judging tool sasey full metal jacket Sassoon measuring mechanical stopwatch sxj504/803

Shanghai professional referee sasey Sassoon appliance stopwatch metal shell mechanical stopwatch sxj504/803/505/806 the diamond

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{stopwatch parameter}:
Warranty: 12 months


Minute hand: 30 points / cycles
The second: 30 seconds / ring (SXJ504/SXJ803)

60秒/圈 (SXJ505/SXJ806)

Minimum scale: 0.2/0.1 seconds

The number of drilling: 13 drill
Pause: button

Continue the time:More than 6 hours (SXJ504/SXJ803) /

More than 12 hours(SXJ505/SXJ806)

Category: stainless steel mechanical stopwatch

Time: 30 '60' series
Size: 60 x 50 x 26mm
Weight: 91 grams

Packing: 50 / pieces



[Product introduction:

Mechanical stopwatch is a precise time measuring instrument for measuring time interval. Through the operation button, the stopwatch pointer can correctly indicate the starting and ending time of the time interval to be measured, and make the pointer return to zero.

Mechanical stopwatch timing instrument belongs to the mechanical category, table machine adopts stainless steel spring, single light metal nickel base alloy wheel hairspring and anchor escapement movement, with thirteen stones, table functions maintain the normal work in -10 DEG to +40 DEG temperature range.

[Use method]:Detailed description of random instructions


The upper hair should not be tighten so as not to break.

Avoid use and storage in a wet or corrosive environment.

Avoid falling, hitting, entering the magnetic field, and insolation, water, and rain.

Do not open the rear cover to avoid dust and moisture intrusion.

Regular maintenance, and can prolong the service life of gas. Do not make a fiddle with no repair clocks and watches.

Do not adjust the bar at will, once the bar is tight, the stopwatch can not work, this non - quality problem, not in the scope of warranty!