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5 包邮 furniture polishing double wool ball wool polishing wheel polishing disc 7-inch polishing disc wool ball

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Wool ball can improve the polishing efficiency and polishing effect. Mainly used for all kinds of furniture, automobile manufacturing, car wheels, hardware, bronze last polishing process, dedicated to the surface and parts polishing. With the abrasive(Crude wax) to use to eliminate2000Sandpaper mark orange peel and other phenomena, with the reductant (thin wax or mirror treatment agent) can make the product coating to achieve the mirror effect.

Now widely used1.Automotive industry (manufacturing factory,4SStation, beauty shop).2.Motorcycle factory original.3.Washing machines and refrigerators manufacturing original.4.Artificial stone panels and floors.5.Wood finish (furniture, cabinet panel factory, piano, wood floor, etc.).6.Interior design.7.High kitchen utensils.8.Musical instruments.9.Precious metals.10.Jewelry.11.Plastic surface treatment.12.Precision instruments and other industries.

【Product Performance and Features】

⑴, can be directly used directly polished.

⑵, and the polishing solution (paste, powder) used together with the polished surface to achieve a better polishing effect.

⑶, able to handle the traces left before the polishing process.

⑷, easy to change.

⑸, advanced manufacturing technology, excellent material selection, wool soft and flexible texture, fur one of the natural fur in the polishing process, do not hair removal, is a natural environmentally friendly materials.

⑹ wool ball polishing series with the market most of the pneumatic and electric polishing machine to match.

⑺, can be washed, reused, can reduce costs, economic savings


1Soak the wool ball polishing disc, install it on the grinder and run it idle5Second, the excess water thrown net.

2Shake the abrasive, pour a little on the wool polishing disc, with a polishing pad on the painted surface evenly.

3Adjust the grinder speed to18002200r/min, Start grinding and polishing machine, along the body direction of a straight line back and forth, the polishing plate through the long track covering one third of each other, do not miss a large area of ​​paint. Polishing site order: right grille - right front cover - left front cover - right front fender - right front door - right rear door - right rear fender - trunk cover the order of grinding the right half of the body, grinding in the reverse order left Semi-body. When the roof can open the car door, pad the towel at the door, stepping on the edge of the door operation.

4) In the polishing should continue to keep the polishing plate and the paint at room temperature, the paint temperature increased by more than20℃ when the lacquered lacquer spray water cooling.

5) For the body corner should not use the position of grinding and polishing machine, using manual polishing method, polishing with a dry towel polishing agent. Finish the entire body with a painted finish, including the painted bumper, note that the temperature here should not be too high. Pay attention to corners, edges, do not force throw, because these places thinner film.

6) After polishing, use a cotton towel to clean the entire vehicle.

Point: To control the speed and humidity of the polishing disc, pay attention to the temperature of the paint and edges and corners.

Polish the polishing agent vigorously before use to maintain a good effect.
2, All polishing discs should be cleaned before use, smooth, to ensure there is no residual particles. After use, should be cleaned immediately, put in a cool place to dry.

3, The operation must be indoors, to avoid sand falling paint caused scratches.
4, In the use of polishing machine, should avoid the angular position in the body for a long time to stay, so as to avoid the varnish.
5, Pay attention to the safe use of grinding and polishing machine.