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Japan NTN imported bearings 607YXX

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Advantages of imported bearings: 1. Long life of imported bearings; 2. Bearings and domestic brands of similar bearings compared to the higher speed limit; 3. Bearing high resistance to load; 4. The use of imported bearings to the working environment with The noise is low. Why does everybody who buys the bearing request is the original imported bearing? This is because most of their machinery and equipment are imported, then as part of the bearing, if there is damage, it is generally hoped to find a bearing with the original equipment is the same model is the same origin bearing Replacement, that is what everyone wants. So naturally, the sentence at the beginning of the article will appear. In fact, in addition to equipment problems, there are some reasons why people are so obsessed with imported bearings, that is, its excellent quality, no matter what kind of work environment can easily operate in the face of high temperature, zero, no time Under the concept of running some of the more serious cases can be smooth operation. Large friction is not afraid, because the original bearings no matter what brand of bearings are able to withstand, and also reduce the friction effect, if coupled with a certain degree of lubrication, then even longer then do not need to worry about. Smooth operation and reduce friction are the greatest test of the bearing, these two problems can be solved, then, basically no operation is unlimited, that is, the service life of the bearing can be increased.

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If not properly installed will directly affect the bearing life. Here to introduce to youBearing installation method:1.Install the bearing should be force evenly, can not be directly hit. Such as: with a larger interference should be placed on the bearings automaticallyTemperature control air heating furnace or oil furnace heating, heating temperature strictly controlled at120the following.2.Bearings with nylon cage can be fitted-40°-120° long-term continuous and stable work, at150° working hoursShould not exceed4Hours, short-term peak temperature should not exceed180°。3.Stores bearing storage should be clean, dry and chemical products are not allowed to store a reservoir, the relative humidity should not exceed65%And the bearings are not allowed to fall to the ground.4.Inventory bearings should be re-cleaned once a year for rust-proof packaging.1.Users should select the appropriate use of the requirements and bearing the strength of the clearance.After unpacking please proofread the bearing code.2.Before the bearing is installed,If you need grease in the bearing,Grease must be clean,Appropriate amount.3.Installation is not to hammer directly on the inner and outer ring face and roller is appropriate, so as not to crack the inner ring or in the small wall. throughOften the user should heat the bearing in mineral oil90°-100° immediately when installed on the spindle. Avoid using bearingsLocal jet method, in difficult to "hot" when the user should also use special sleeve installation.4.Bearings should be used in a good seal dust and lubrication, can not cut off the oil.5.Bearing warehouse should be clean and dry, no environmental pollution, stacking bearings do not fall, packaging without damage. Super inventory1YearBearings must be re-washed and oiled.