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[LIANTAI] the Thai LTWB integrated intelligent temperature transmitter Laitai LAITAI special offer

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Product Name:Integrated intelligent temperature transmitter

Product brand:LIANTAI 联泰 LAITAI莱泰

Product model:LTWB-S-C1-D

Input signal:PT100/CU50 (other specifications input price separately)

   Output signal:4~20mA/DC (other customer-defined specifications)

   Control loop:Standard configuration one out and out (other customer custom specifications)

Measurement range:0~100 C /0~200 C /0~300 C /0~400 C / etc.

Shape size:114*99*22.5mm(长*高*厚 单位mm)

Guide rail installation:Standard DIN35mm guide rail installation

Transmission precision:±0.2%F·S (25℃±2℃)

   Working voltage:24V/DC (other customer-defined specifications)

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