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Disassemble the original SHARP LCD32G100A speaker 9050PA078A audio shot

The original broken screen machine disassemble SHARP LCD32G100A speaker audio 9050PA078A8 Europe 7.5W real shooting! Is a price, not on price! If you need two one pair, please take two pieces.

discount 60% in 2018-04-21 to 2018-04-23
price: USD$ 16.80
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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原装碎屏机拆机夏普LCD32G100A喇叭 扬声器 音响9050PA078A 8欧7.5W实物拍摄!是一只的价格,不是一对的价格哦!需要两个一对的请拍两件哦!

拍下之前请亲先阅读本店铺售后服务说明 ***** 本配件为拆机件,保修壹个月。拍前请亲旺旺联系客服!旺旺不在线时可以联系电话:13020168676

The day before 5:30 in the afternoon can be sent out, and the next day after 5:30 p.m.Our store acquiescenceZhong Tong Express(need to send other express please contact customer service, please! We do not contact the description of the default in the express delivery Oh!) Please contact us if you are not able to make any other express delivery. We refuse to accept all to pay, please forgive!

1: because the electronic parts need professional knowledge to correctly judge the quality of the accessories and the correct use of the method, so please repair the master is to determine the judgment.If the failure of the parts is not determined. Please explain beforehand before the beat. Otherwise, no return.

Return regulations:

1. if you need to return the goods, please return the goods within 72 hours after the receipt of the receipt. BecauseThe buyer has to deduct the test fee of twenty percent of the goods by deducting the return of the goods caused by other reasons such as fault or purchase.Otherwise, no return.

2. the return of the accessories must be guaranteed not to affect the two sales.

3. all the reasons caused by the return of the buyer to pay back and forth postage, * because Taobao micro profit is also convenient for the majority of maintenance personnel * the store does not bear any postage! Please forgive me!Take it as you agree with this rule.   

4. parts warranty for a month, because it is a small profit for a month, such as the need to exchange the two sides to undertake.hairFreight charges, more than one month by the buyer to bear back and forth freight!

     Note:If there is a buyer who does not agree to the provisions of the return, please do not buy the accessories in our store. Thank youYou will agree to this announcement after being taken.

 2The accessories sold in this shop are guaranteed for one month. Please check it within 3 days after you receive the accessories. If there is no problem, please confirm the receipt. If there is any problem, please contact me in time.

3: to disassemble the eyes of different parts, so the new level of understanding is different, on the recency requirements of high please buy new.

4:Electronic accessories need technicians to replace it! Our accessories are provided to professional maintenance personnel only! Non professional maintenance personnel please take care not to bring unnecessary trouble! Non professional maintenance personnel taken by the problems (bad use, not to use, not matching, model is not so) do not return the goods! Please forgive me! We refuse to accept everything to pay. Thank you

Matters needing attention:

Sign in: when you sign, please check if there are obvious defects, such as fracture, extrusion and so on. If you have, please refuse to sign. Otherwise, all the problems caused by the damage in transportation can't be used normally, and all the problems are buyers' pride.Non professional maintenance personnel please do not buy, any problems are not returned! No dispute, waste of time, bring displeasure to both sides! Thank you