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Normally open solenoid valve, 2W series water valve, 2W200-20K solenoid valve, 6 normally open DN20 copper valve

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2WA series of direct acting diaphragm type solenoid valves

Body material: Brass


Special specifications can be customized, price negotiable

Zero pressure start, normally open.

Transmission mode: direct acting type

Diaphragm material:NBRNitrile Rubber

The use of fluids: air, water, oil and other neutral gas liquid

Medium temperature:-5-80

Pressure range:0-1Mpa

Nozzle caliber:G3/4

Flow aperture: 20mm


Solenoid valve selection should first follow the four principles of safety, reliability, applicability, economy, followed by six aspects of the field conditions(That isThe ConduitParameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action modes, and special requirements are selected)

Selection basis:

First, select the solenoid valve according to the pipeline parameters: path specifications(That isDN)Interface mode

1According to the pipe diameter or flow requirements to determine the path diameter(DN)Size.

2Interface mode, general>DN50To choose the flange interface, less than or equal toDN50You can choose freely according to the user's needs.

Two, according to the fluid parameters to select the solenoid valve: material, temperature group

1Corrosive fluid: corrosion resistant solenoid valve and full selection shall be usedStainless steelEdible ultra clean fluid: the choice of food grade stainless steel solenoid valve.

2High temperature fluid: to choose the use of high temperature electrical materials and sealing materials manufactured solenoid valve, but also to choosepistonStructural type.

3Fluid state: as large as gaseous, liquid or mixed state, especially larger than apertureDN25You must make a distinction when ordering.

4Fluid viscosity: usually in20cStThe following can be chosen arbitrarily, if the viscosity is high, it is necessary to use high viscosity solenoid valve.

Three, select solenoid valve according to the pressure parameters: principle and structure of the variety

1Nominal pressure: this parameter and otherGeneral purpose valveThe meaning is the same, according to the nominal pressure of the pipeline.

2Working pressureIf the working pressure is low, the direct or step-by-step direct acting principle must be adopted; the minimum working pressure difference is in the range of 00.04MpaAbove, the direct, step direct, pilot type can be selected.

Four, voltage selection: voltage specifications should be preferredAC220VDC24More convenient??

Five, according to the duration of work to choose: normally closed, normally open, or sustainable power

1When the solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time, and the duration of the excess shutdown time should be normally open type.

2If the opening time is short or the opening and closing time is not long, the normally closed type is selected.

3However, some of the conditions for security, such as the furnace, furnace flame monitoring, you can not select normally open, long-term power type should be selected.

Six, according to the environmental requirements to select auxiliary functions: explosion-proof, waterproof fog, water drenching, diving