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Automobile 12V smoke detector navigation recorder remote control switch 5.5*2.1 plug extra heterodyne

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Car 12V smoke detector single way wireless remote control switch (this is only 12V remote control switch)

(chip: Taiwan Pucheng PT2272-L4; relay: Hui port HRS4H-S-DC12V; remote control: PT2262; new product listed)

This is a super heterodyne receiving module. The output line uses a high quality 20AWG line to ensure that the output can be loaded with 50W.

Functional introduction:

Interlocking function)

Start the electricity (plug the smoke device interface, the output plug no electricity);

According to the remote control A, the relay is absorbed, the output plug 5.5*2.1 output has electricity (output 12V battery power supply, inside positive and negative);

According to the remote control B, the relay is disconnected and the plug 5.5*2.1 output is no power.

Point movement function

 Start the electricity (plug the smoke device interface, the output plug no electricity);

Press the remote control button A or B, the output plug 5.5*2.1 output electricity (output 12V battery power, both positive and negative); release the remote control button output no electricity.

 First, brief introduction

Wireless remote control switch is a widely used wireless control device. It uses microprocessor intelligent control. It can be applied to garage door control, lighting control, remote control curtain and other fields. It has the advantages of easy installation, simple and safe.

Two. Application scope

Control some of the equipment through the 12V power supply of the car

Three. Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC12V (this car is suitable for 12V bottles only)

Reception frequency: 315MHz

Reception sensitivity: -105db

Maximum load: 5A (Power: 50W)

Coding type: fixed code

Receiving module: superheterodyne

Reception box size: 60X45X25 millimeter

Mode of work: interlock (A open, B, also customize the dynamic function)

   Telecontrol distance:100Meter 2 key remote control (This distance is a theoretical distance without interference.The interference of the wall and the different use environment will be reduced. )

It is hereby stated that:

1The object of our service is an electronic enthusiast with certain theoretical knowledge and practical ability. We do not provide instructions, so we must read the details of the products carefully before making the purchase, and make sure the performance of the products. After receiving the module, we must be familiar with the connection mode, and then try the test machine. In order to avoid the power supply, the voltage is too high or the load power exceeds the burning module. Before the telecontrol product is sent out, we will all send out the power test. If the user is not properly operated, the user's equipment and module are damaged.

2The nominal distance of all remote control products refers to the theoretical distance in ideal state, and the actual remote control distance is affected by many factors, such as the environment of use, generally the nominal distance.2050%, the antenna is vertically up (the actual remote distance: open space)The ground is more than 60 meters, the home wall is more than 20 meters, and must not be installed in the metal box that shields the signal.

3Note: the default express, rhyme delivery, this shop does not deliverPlease forgive me.

4、Good faith needs your support. If we don't negotiate, we will consider it as an automatic abandonment warranty. Our shop will provide you with service in the future. I hope everyone has doubts after receiving the baby, please communicate in time. Of course, we also hope that in the absence of any questions in the case of timely confirmation of receipt, so that we can provide higher quality service for the future, thank you! Sincerely wish everyone a happy shopping!

5Warning: it is not possible to use this product for illegal action.You can't use this product to control a device with a hidden danger.This shop is not responsible for any legal liability.