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Custom red apron belt wheel industrial belt rubber ring increase friction rubber ring friction wheel belt wheel

Rubber synchronous belt surface and increase the red rubber friction belt thickening labeling machine traction machine belt vacuum drawing machine belt widely welcomed to come to consult the customer service staff or telephone 13570918842 Miss Qiu

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A special belt, printing machine: applicable to Heidelberg, Roland, KOMORI, MITSUBISHI, and other high fort, Beiren Printing machine, grinding machine, belt feeder machine run.

A, paper conveying belt: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm common thickness, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm commonly used width, length of 30 meters, 50 meters and 100 meters per roll, also can be customized according to customer requirements of different specifications, and can also provide on-site service and connecting head.

B, special glue paper conveying belt: common specifications 15 ml bottle.

C, the main motor belt: 12PL4622, 12PL4700, 9PJ490 standard and 25PJ580.

D, synchronous belt: T10-840-16, S5M-390-20 and other common specifications.

E, transmission belt: 28 * 900, common specifications 28 * 950 and 2926V series etc..

F, imported printing press belt: common specifications 20mm wide x 34 x 35 14mm wide hole, hole, 38mm wide x 30 holes.

H, duster belt: common specifications of 460 * 12mm and 490 * 12mm.

Two, folding machine used belt: the thickness of 0.8mm, 20mm and 50mm common specification, tooth type joint is used with no direction, joint formation etc., has been recognized by the vast number of users.

Three, nylon base flat belt: commonly used thickness of 1mm to 6mm, for transmission to the web, flat flat piece of paper printing machine and paper folding machine, riding linkage binding machine and various models.

Four, PVC light belt: suitable for Shanghai violet, Switzerland Martini, Karl booth and other books paperback binding line, commonly used thickness is 2mm, and suitable for laminating machine, laminating machine, gluing machine, multi-layer corrugated cardboard production line equipment, the thickness of 1mm to 6mm.

Five, punch suction belt: nylon base flat belt surface drilling, the thickness of 1mm to 6mm, a paper drive for offset printing machine, laminating machine, polishing machine, such as Tianjin, Taiwan Wen Wen long right on models, top Taiwan, Choi Shun, Bi Sheng, China, shenweida Biaozhi etc. models.

Six, full automatic, semi automatic paste box machine full set of import belt:

A, head of the feed belt, the thickness of 8mm, forming one, no joint.

B, folding belt, thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm.

C PVC, the tail conveyor belt, the thickness of 1mm to 6mm.

D, synchronous belt, 556 common types of tooth, 4448 mm x 35 mm, surface and wear resistant rubber etc..

Above the belt for Taiwan Choi Shun, top, Bi Sheng, financial benefits, perseverance, Shanxi, Shanghai, Switzerland, Bost rain, Harbin Yahua printing machine factory, Shenzhen Cheng Ming, Wenzhou Nanpu, Dachang, weldking, Gao Tian, Wu Tian Hongye, Knight paste box models etc..

Seven, imported Teflon mesh belt: suitable for infrared, ultraviolet UV light curing machine.

Eight, imported PU round belt: suitable for transmission equipment, the diameter of 3mm to 18mm.

Nine, belt cutter: 1.4mm thick, 60mm wide. The bottom plus toothed guide strip length can be adjusted according to production needs.

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