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BADAK brand Red Bull Emery Diamond grinding paste polishing paste wax metal jade emerald mirror polishing

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Abrasive paste,Full 9.9 yuan 包邮

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BADAK brand Red Bull

Brand:BADAK Red BullDiamond paste

Specifications: 5 grams each

Model: W0.5-W40 (the larger the number, the finer the grain size)

Grinding and polishing fast and quick decision

Welcome to buy! Large favorably!

For grinding and polishing is an ideal abrasive paste, with good lubrication and cooling properties, including high hardness diamond particles, particle size, grinding effect, suitable for glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, natural diamonds, precious stones Gauge, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high-finish workpieces made of high hardness materials. With efficient, convenient, pollution-free, non-corrosive and so on.

Weight: 10 grams (paste net weight5 g / stick)

model:W40 (320 mesh) rough grinding and polishing;W28 (400 mesh) Normal Polishing;W20 (600 mesh) ordinary polishing;W14 (800 mesh) Normal polishing;W10 (1000 mesh) ordinary polishing;W7 (1500 mesh) fine polishing;W5 (2000 mesh) fine polishing;W3.5 (3000 mesh) fine polishing;W2.5 (4000 mesh) Fine polishing;W1.5 (6000 mesh) mirror polished;W1 (8000 mesh)mirror reflection;W0.5 (10000 mesh) super-mirror polishing

Diamond abrasive paste (also known as diamond polishing paste): Is made of fine diamond powder and other raw materials made of fine,For jade orMetal grinding and polishing is an ideal abrasive paste, containing diamond oil, has good lubrication and cooling performance,ColorlessSmell fragrance!With efficient, convenient, pollution-free, non-corrosive and so onOne of the diamond particles high hardness, uniform particle size, grinding effect is good for jade, agate, crystal, jade, ceramics,Carbide and other high hardness materials products measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high-finish workpiece grinding, polishing

Model Description:

W40: coarse, equivalent to 250 to 300 headsOily polishing paste for load machine researchGrinding, polishing cemented carbide, alloy just, high carbon steel and other high-hardness materials. Such asvalveFlange oil valve grinding.

W20: very thick, equivalent to 700 to 800 heads,Suitable for the surface is relatively roughJade or metal rough throw, high efficiency! (With wool wheel use)

w10: Coarse, equivalent to 1400 ~ 1500 meshSuitable for the surface is relatively roughJade or metal rough throw, higher efficiency! (With wool wheel use)

W3.5: smaller, equivalent to 4000 to 5000 headsNormal jade jade agate polishing,You can achieve satisfactory results!(With wool wheel or wool head use)

w2.5: thin, equivalent to 7000 ~ 8000 meshw2.5 suitableCarbide and other metal surface polishing!(With wool wheel or wool head use)

W1.5: very fine, equivalent to 10000 ~ 12000 mesh. Normal jade emerald agate or hardTogetherGold useW3.5 andw2.5 polished, then use W1.5, you can achieve mirror effectfruit.(With yellow cloth round use)

W0.5: fine, equivalent to 25000 ~ 28000 mesh. Suitable for ophthalmic lenses, optical lenses,Magnifying glass contour translucent objects polishing!

(With yellow cloth round use)

Call customer book

Dear Customer:

Hello, First of all, thank you for purchasing our company (Shanghai New Sand abrasive Abrasives Co., Ltd.) registered trademark "BADAK"Brand of diamond paste (hose).

The launch of this tube-in-package gypsum is designed to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit goods in the market and to correct defects in traditional products and has been accepted by most customers but also appears in the sales process Defects, our company summarizes the information, and inform the customer in advance, and hope you can make better suggestions.

First, the product is still continuing to promote, but due to the huge amount of objective packaging orders, so I only printed the DivisionW3.5withW7The two commonly used hoses, the remaining specifications covered with adhesive, so when you buy our products found stickers under another size, please forgive me. And the standard adhesive (after the promotion period, all our specifications will be printed in the follow-up).

Second, this product and traditional products, the amount of vision will feel less, in fact, the net content of the traditional product packaging is displayed5G, The net hose content is theoretically greater than5G, The difference is that the quality of the package itself, the quality of an empty needle in5GAbove, while the quality of a hose in1.7-1.8Gabout.

Third, the product because the promotion in the country, but the abrasive paste this product, due to the temperature drop between the large, each region's customers, there will be different reactions, especially in winter, the problem is particularly prominent. Conventional needle tubes will harden at low temperatures and extrusion is difficult. Hose in the face of such problems, you just need to press the picture shows, knead in advance to solve.

Fourth, compared to traditional products, the specifications of the naked eye can be seen visually color, hose defects is that the visual can not see a variety of colors, in order to ensure product shelf life and to overcome the leakage of traditional products, temporarily overcome No, please understand and understand.

Attachment:BADAKRegistration certificate and all specifications of color pictures.