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Shipping sub Wo dog bone tooth stick trumpet 9CM molar chewing gum Tactic Golden Bear nutrition poodle Satsuma

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[name]: Wo dog bone bone nutrition bar molar teeth chewing gum for pet dog snacks

[Specification]: single package, 9.6cm box, 40 branches

 The dog is in the molar phase,toothThey don't want to bite, but they can't hold their mouths, at homefurnitureAh,shoesYou will suffer~~But this is the need for dogs to grow, they need something to exercise your teeth, make yourself stronger, better protect the owner.~~


Molar bite for you to solve all the trouble ~!



Analysis of nutritional components of products, comprehensive supplement of nutrients needed by dogs

1, crude protein, promote physiological metabolism

Protein is an important source of cell composition in the body of pets, and proteins play a key role in conducting, transporting, supporting, protecting, and moving. Proteins play a catalytic role in the life and physiological metabolism of pets and play a major role in maintaining life activities.

2, coarse fat repair cells, stimulate appetite

Fat is an important component of pet body tissue, almost involved in all cell composition and repair, in the skin of pets, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, internal organs contain fat.

3, coarse fiber to ensure dog nutrition balance

Pets in order to ensure their physical survival, health, development, reproduction, heart beating, blood circulation, gastrointestinal peristalsis, muscle contraction and other activities, the need for a large amount of energy, and in these energy required, 80% of carbohydrates to provide. Carbohydrates include sugar and fiber.


4. Water can regulate the necessary metabolism in dogs

Water can transport all kinds of pet in substance and exclude metabolic products not needed; promote all chemical reactions in the body; the water evaporation and the secretion of sweat exudes a lot of heat to regulate body temperature; synovial fluid, respiratory and gastrointestinal mucus has good lubrication effect.

[weight]: 26 grams

[ingredients] corn flour, compound vitamins, sodium carbonate, natural flavors, potassium sorbate, water

[taste]: milk flavor, barbecue flavor, green tea flavor

Baby began to molars three months, pro, are you ready?

Wo chew bone to help you solve the trouble, no longer worry about East was bitten bad ~ ~ ~!

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