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Will send genuine teeth white teeth whitening bright white spirit platinum black yellow teeth teeth tartar smoke stains powder water

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Platinum in the tooth

Net content: 10ML

After receiving the goods, please carefully look at the instructions, do not take it to use, in order to avoid the use of errors, resulting in tooth damage, you can also contact customer service consultation.

Above this, the effective rate was 95% It differs from man to man. may effect is not obvious, the individual situation, please do not use the dentin, thank you.

When using, please read the instructions carefully, and use according to the instructions, because of improper use of the consequences of self paid oh! Products can not be used for a long time, the use of one or two times after a short time it is best not to use, often frequent use will have an impact on the teeth.

This product for smoking, tea or coffee, formed in the late stage of yellow teeth, black teeth, the effect is very obvious, little yellow teeth effect caused by for some reason, everyone is different, the effect after using the product is also different, please buy according to their own situation as appropriate, not because of their use is not good for bad review Oh, what advice can contact us, do not mind to take oh! Thank you for your support!

Black teeth, yellow teeth, smoke teeth, dental plaque, dental calculus, teeth not clean the crowd. Yellow teeth seriously affect the appearance of black teeth, the use of this product can make your teeth white jade, beautiful face, youth often.

[methods of use]

  Before use, first with warm boiling water gargle net, cotton dry tooth surface, remove the cotton liquor soaked, facing the mirror repeatedly wipe teeth (slightly), timely replacement of dip cotton swab, one by one until the teeth bleaching, white, (rub 5 -- 10 minutes or so) after cleaning with rinse with water can be. Until the plaque wipe so far (if a removal is not clean, can be 3-4 days after finally, multiplexing) gargle with warm boiling water and then the net, vial of liquid can be rubbed tooth.


  1. When the needle is used, a small hole is inserted at the mouth of the bottle to drip the liquid medicine. If the cotton swab should be the size of soybean, the medicine should not be soaked too much, and the liquid should not be removed when brushing the tooth. When wiping, moderate force is appropriate, 10 million can not touch the gums and oral mucosa.
  2. This product is only used for cleaning teeth and oral rinse after use is strictly prohibited, save, effective period can be maintained for two years, when using this product, such as a pale gums phenomenon, the day can disappear. Ten days after use should be less smoking, forbidden to drink strong tea, do not eat colored food. There are some patients with this product after the teeth have mild soreness is normal phenomenon, generally 1~2 days can disappear, no need to govern, also need not worry.
  3. Allergies to teeth and children under fifteen years of age should not be used