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Friction wheel for serving wheel of table tennis table tennis serving machine

The ball wheel of the serving wheel of the table tennis serving machine of the rotary thunder table has large diameter and high elasticity. It is only suitable for dual purpose hair ball machine, but not general type.

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Large diameter batting wheel, 30 yuan one, is only suitable for rotary ball service machine.

 Often have to ask friends of the ball hitting or rubber wheel is respectively, the answer: a round of store apron is DuPont thermoplastic rubber, there is no difference between raw material and not curing clinker. All brands use such materials, similar to wear resistance.

The hitting wheel is the material of the service machine, and the life principle is explained:
The serve machines are driven by high speed wheels, and the table tennis ball exerts friction (so the ball wheel is also called the friction wheel). The same as the car tires, there is friction wear, single hair bulb machine usually 1-2 years to replace the hit wheel, double head machine replacement cycle 3-4 years. For example, 60 balls per minute, a single head of the ball hit 60 times, double head machine is two head rotating friction stroke, each 30 times, wear less than half, change wheel cycle is twice as long.
 Since 2017, each sent four spare wheel, 6 years do not have to buy supplies

There are three types of service machines on the market,
They are single wheel, double wheel and four wheel serve machine,
Identification methods and performance characteristics are described as follows: 



The routine combination ball is so useful, why don't the spin ball add the function of combination ball to the single head machine? Instead, add a bunch of heads, and do it at a higher cost?
Serve machine ball rotation is determined by the speed, speed difference on the rotation is equal to the strength, the speed is equal to the sum of range distance on.
    In order to achieve global personification, we have tried to give a single generation of ultra-thin combined ball machine with function by programming to change a motor speed, to achieve different combination of ball rotation length. But this does not stop pounding like found oil brakes, not only affects the life of the machine, and can only be combined with weakly backspin plus a weak topspin, such as rotation to realistic, need more time between the two motor speed ball, after the player pulls a backspin, to stand up for a few seconds to make a topspin the ball, no step convergence, no training value.
The service machine is a mechanical and electronic control product, like the car, the performance is ultimately realized by machinery. If the mechanical structure is congenitally deficient, complex electrical control programming does not fundamentally improve performance except for increasing failure rates. So he invented desktop two headed machines. Two ball outlet control independently, make the convergence of smooth, spherical anthropomorphic real combined ball is now the industry consensus.
2 is greater than 1 is truth.
Rotary double ray machine manufacturing cost is high, but the technology leader in the first generation of single spherical, realistic, reliable and durable, three year warranty!
The high efficiency and low noise of spiral motor, dual use of plug and charge, can be used for 5-6 hours once! 18650 battery type lithium batteries is universal, Taobao shops for sale, ten yuan a, the charge discharge life of more than 1000 times, negligible cost!