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Original Eastern DCA East strong carbon brush Z1C-FF02-26 Hammer Impact Drill Direct brush drill wholesale

discount 80% in 2018-05-27 to 2018-05-27
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The role of carbon brushes (brush): Power Tools stator windings brush and commutator contact as the conductive path and then in series with the rotor windings, the current in the stator windings of the magnetic field and the rotor winding current interaction, the motor is pressed Rotate in a certain direction.

East into a power tool brush (original and original non-original)

due toEast into the factoryThe reason, carbon brush packagingprintedApplicable models may be related to the machine model you needDifferentThis is because the carbon brush hasVersatilityMany types of machinesYou can use the same kind of carbon brush for packaging, when the factory delivery only made a kind of packaging brush to us. Is common

Note: if the new carbon brush to replace the carbon brush in less than a few minutes or a few hours to find that the carbon brush has been worn or half ground that your rotor has a fire please replace the rotor if you do not change the rotor for more carbon Brush is useless (rotor fire has been burning carbon brush) Please understand!

Q: Why did I buy a new brush installed to find the rotor from the blue spark!

A: This is not a carbon brush rotor bar has been burned! Has nothing to do with the brush!

Friendship Description:Some motor burned or short circuit no matter how good the brush is useless, so some buyers and friends look and understand! So do not think sparks say that our bad brush like that!In addition, please do not take the mind! Carbon brush plastic seal above the model marked different, but the size is the same, because the East into our delivery is shipped in accordance with the size, on a kind of packaging! Such as East into the FF-10 electric drill and 05-10 drill and 02-13 impact drill are universal! Mind those who do not shoot oh!


Our store comes with the sale of non-original East into carbon brushes, the price is relatively cheaper;

The original carbon brush with a small spark, strength, do not hurt the motor, current stability and other features! In addition, carbon brush touch feel smooth and soft surface, more delicate. The springs are bold. Wiring more solid. Not easy to break!

(If it is other brands of machines, please control the following carbon brush size .In recent years, some of the East into a model factory also updated, it is best to compare the original carbon brush size)

A variety of brush adapter model list

51 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 5mmX8mmX11mm

East into Z1J-FF02-13 impact drill

East into J1Z-FF-10A hand drill

East into J1Z-FF05-10A hand drill

East into J1Z-FF03-10A hand drill

East into S1B-FF93x185 sanding machine

East into S1B-FF110x100 sanding machine

East into S1J-FF-25 electric grinding head

21 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 7mmX8mmX12mm

East into Z1C-FF-26 Hammer

East into Z1C-FF02-26 Hammer

East into Z1C-FF03-26 Hammer

East into S1M-FF04-100A angle grinder

East into S1J-FF02-25 electric head

East into S1J-FF03-25 electric grinding head

East into M1B-FF02-82x1 electric planer

43 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 7mmX11mmX18mm

East into Z1E-FF02-110 stone cutting machine

East into Z1E-FF04-110 stone cutting machine

East into Z1E-FF05-110 stone cutting machine

East into Z1C-FF-38 Hammer

East into S1M-FF02-125B angle grinder

East into S1M-FF-150A angle grinder

East into Z1Z-FF-90 diamond drilling machine

East into Z1Z-FF02-90 diamond drilling machine

East into Z1Z-FF-130 diamond drilling machine

East into the S1S-FF-125B straight grinder

East into the S1S-FF-150 straight grinder

East into Z1R-FF-150 slotting machine

East into J1J-FF-3.2 electric scissors

East into S1N-FF-120x100 polishing mill drawing machine

41 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 7mmX8mmX12mm

East into J1Z-FF-6A hand drill

East into J1Z-FF02-6A hand drill

East into J1Z-FF02-10A hand drill

East into J1Z-FF04-10A hand drill

East into J1Z-FF-13 hand drill

East into J1Z-FF02-13 hand drill

East into Z1J-FF-13 impact drill

Electric planer #: carbon brush Suitable machine: (Size: 5mmX8mmX12mm

East into M1B-FF-82x1 electric planer

East into M1P-FF-6 trimming machine

East into the M1P-FF02-6 trimming machine

East into J1Z-FF03-13B hand drill

East into Q1U-FF-160 mixer

44 # carbon brush Applicable machines: (Size: 7mmX17mmX17mm

East as S1M-FF-180A angle grinder

East as S1M-FF-230A angle grinder

East into J1G-FF03-355 profile cutting machine

East into M1R-FF04-12 bakelite milling

411 Brush for the machine: (Size: 6mmX9mmX12mm

East into S1M-FF-100A angle grinder

East into S1M-FF02-100A angle grinder

East into S1B-FF03-110x100 sander

303 # carbon brush Applicable machines: (Size: 5mmX11mmX16mm

East into Z1E-FF-110 stone cutting machine

East into Q1U-FF02-160 mixer

East into the M1Y-FF-185 electric circular saw

East into J1Z-FF03-13B aircraft drilling

East into J1Z-FF-16A aircraft drilling

East into J1Z-FF03-16A aircraft drilling

153 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 6mmX14mmX17mm

East into the M1Y-FF-235 electric circular saw

East into J1G-FF02-355 profile cutting machine

East into J1X-FF-255 oblique cutting machine

East into the M1L-FF-405 electric chain saw

East into Z1E-FF-180 stone cutting machine

East into the M1R-FF-12 Bakelite milling

East into Z1Z-FF02-110 diamond drilling machine

East into Z1Z-FF02-160 diamond drilling machine

03 Brush for the machine: (Size: 5mmX8mmX15mm

East into S1M-FF03-100A angle grinder

East into Z1C-FF02-20 Hammer

East into Z1C-FF03-20 Hammer

Bosch 6-100 angle grinder

05 Brush for the machine: (Size: 5mmX10mmX15mm

East into S1M-FF05-100B angle grinder

East into S1M-FF-125A angle grinder

East into S1M-FF06-100 angle grinder

09-100 carbon brush for the machine:Size: 6mmX9mmX14mm

East into S1M-FF09-100 angle grinder

103 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 6mmX10mmX16mm

East into S1B-FF-114x234 flat sanding machine

East into Z1G-FF-6 electric ho

East into Z1C-FF-20 hammer

East into Z1C-FF04-20 Hammer

East into a ZIC-FF-28 hammer

East into Z1C-FF02-28 hammer

903 # carbon brush machine: (Size: 5mmX5mm

East into FF03-10 electric mill

East into FF02-10 electric mill