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2W-15BK stainless steel normally open solenoid valve, water valve energy saving 24 hours without heating, factory direct sales

4 points normally open stainless steel solenoid valve, energy saving can be long time, the wire coil is not heating normally open: power off, power off open

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 9100.00
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2W series two bit two straight action diaphragmEnergy saving normally open solenoid valve for stainless steel

Model: 2W-15BK

Voltage: AC220VDC24VDC12VAC110VAC380VAC24V, etc.

DC12V and DC24V match the power supply of 2A current, which is beneficial to the normal operation of the valve

Zero start up

Body material: stainless steel 304

The use of fluids: air, water, oil, weak acid base medium

Transmission mode: direct acting type

Normally open: power on, power off.

Nozzle aperture: 4

Flow aperture: 15mm

Oil seal material: NBR (Ding Qing rubber) EPROM (three ethylene propylene rubber) VITON (fluorine rubber)

Pressure range: 0-1.0Mpa

Fluid temperature: -5 ~ 80 C (120)℃ 150)

Note:The valve can only be installed in the one-way pipe, the two-way flow of the pipeline is prohibited, it has the direction, please do not install anti.

1. solenoid valve long working coil without temperature rise. (operating temperature slightly higher than normal temperature)

2. solenoid valve consumption is very low, only 20% of the original rated power;

There is no leakage noise in the 3. solenoid valve, and there is no leakage noise even when the 170V AC voltage is started.

Dimension reference:

Selection basis:

     Solenoid valve selection should first follow the four principles of safety, reliability, applicability, economy, followed by six aspects of the field conditions(That isThe ConduitParameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action modes, and special requirements are selected)

   First, select the solenoid valve according to the pipeline parameters: path specifications(That isDN)Interface mode

    1According to the pipe diameter or flow requirements to determine the path diameter(DN)Size.

    2Interface mode, general>DN50Flange interface should be selected,≤DN50You can choose freely according to the user's needs.

   Two, according to the fluid parameters to select the solenoid valve: material, temperature group

    1Corrosive fluid: corrosion resistant solenoid valve and full selection shall be usedStainless steelEdible ultra clean fluid: the choice of food grade stainless steel solenoid valve.

    2High temperature fluid: to choose the use of high temperature electrical materials and sealing materials manufactured solenoid valve, but also to choosepistonStructural type.

    3Fluid state: as large as gaseous, liquid or mixed state, especially larger than apertureDN25You must make a distinction when ordering.

    4Fluid viscosity: usually in20cStThe following can be chosen arbitrarily, if the viscosity is high, it is necessary to use high viscosity solenoid valve.

   Three, select solenoid valve according to the pressure parameters: principle and structure of the variety

    1Nominal pressure: this parameter and otherGeneral purpose valveThe meaning is the same, according to the nominal pressure of the pipeline.

    2Working pressureIf the working pressure is low, the direct or step-by-step direct acting principle must be adopted; the minimum working pressure difference is in the range of 00.04MpaAbove, the direct, step direct, pilot type can be selected.

   Four, voltage selection: voltage specifications should be preferredAC220VDC24More convenient.

Five, according to the duration of work to choose: normally closed, normally open, or sustainable power

When the solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time, and the duration of the excess shutdown time should be normally open type.

If the opening time is short or the opening and closing time is not long, the normally closed type is selected.

However, some of the conditions for security, such as the furnace, furnace flame monitoring, you can not select normally open, long-term power type should be selected.
Six, according to the environmental requirements to select auxiliary functions: explosion-proof, waterproof fog, water drenching, diving

Installation, use and maintenance

First, the installation and use of solenoid valve:

1, before installation, should refer to the instructions of the product, whether it meets your requirements.

2, the pipeline should be cleaned before use, the media should not be installed clean filter, to prevent impurities interfere with the normal operation of the solenoid valve.

3, solenoid valve is generally one-way work, can not be installed, the arrow on the valve is the direction of the pipeline fluid movement, must be consistent.

4, solenoid valve installed in general valve level, coil vertical upward, some products can be arbitrarily installed, but the conditions permit the best vertical, in order to increase the service life.

5. The solenoid valve should be heated or set up insulation measures when it is re working in the freezing place.

6, electromagnetic coil extraction line (connector) connection is good, should confirm whether firm, connection electrical components contact should not shake, loose will cause solenoid valve does not work.

7, continuous production of electromagnetic valve, the best use of bypass, easy maintenance, does not affect the production.

The solenoid valve 8, after a long time out, should be discharged condensate before use; wash the parts when he again according to the order of restitution installed.

9, there is an unknown place, please contact our company, for your dedicated service.

Two, solenoid valve fault and troubleshooting:

(1) the solenoid valve does not work after power on:

1, check the power wiring is bad - - re wiring and connector connection;

2. Check whether the power supply voltage is in the range of working range) to the normal position range;

3, ring) - whether desoldering re welding;

4, coil short circuit) replace coil;

5, the work pressure difference is not appropriate - adjust the pressure difference) or replace the matching solenoid valve;

6, fluid temperature is too high) replace the appropriate solenoid valve;

7, impurities to the solenoid valve main spool and moving iron core stuck - cleaning, if there is a seal damage, should replace the seal and install the filter;

8, liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and life has been -) replace products.

(two) solenoid valve can not be closed:

1. The seal of the main valve or the iron core has been damaged) replace the seal;

2, whether the fluid temperature, viscosity is too high) replace the counterpart solenoid valve;

3, impurities into the solenoid valve core or moving iron core) for cleaning;

4, the spring life has arrived or deformation) replace the spring;

5, orifice balance hole plug -) timely cleaning;

6, the work frequency is too high or the life has arrived -) re-election products or replacement products.

(three) other circumstances:

1, internal leakage - check whether the seal is damaged, spring assembly is not good;

2, leakage leakage - loose at the junction or seal is broken - tighten screws or replace seals;

3, there is noise when power is on -) the fastener is loosened and tightened. Voltage fluctuation is not allowed and voltage is adjusted. Impurities or irregularities in the core pulling surface, timely cleaning or replacement.