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Model aircraft fixed wing flying wing F22 64mm ducted remote control aircraft four-channel electric fighter

discount 65% in 2018-05-23 to 2018-05-23
price: USD$ 471.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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"Online shopping agreement"

(Please read the following before buying, this agreement is an important part of the transaction contract, the purchaser must accept and fulfill. Photographed this page on behalf of the goods that accept all the contents of this agreement, not
Agree do not buy)!

one.【Warning and Disclaimer】

The user of the product must read the product manual carefully and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. The model product must be used under the conditions or conditions allowed and regulated by the local government. The user must be aware of this. The company does not assume any liability for the loss of or damage to users or third parties caused by improper use of the product or its accessories, nor does it assume liability for any damages(or)Drop, collision caused by the loss of parts, damage liability. The company reminds die models attention: professional remote control model is not a toy, be sure to be sure to use the case carefully. Your ordering behavior indicates that you have a clear understanding of the above situation and are willing to take the corresponding responsibility.

two.【Online shopping tips】

1, Given the special nature of the network,No confidence in online shopping and doubt the credibility of the company buyers do not buy in the company
2, The company sells goods, all models to delivery, in some areas open cash on delivery business (please contact our sales staff for more details, and access Taobao cash on delivery terms[What is cash on delivery]
3, Pictures due to scanning, shooting affected by many factors, and there is inevitably there is color, the color of goods in kind prevail
4, Before the purchase of goods, please ask the sales staff for the goods you need are available, the sales staff answer the same day effective
5Please take the goods after72Payment within hours, not to leave the goods overdue, there are special circumstances, please specify
6, The company does not guarantee that the selling price is the lowest market price, please compare the price before buying to decide whether to buy. Transaction occurs, after the issue of goods shall not objection to the transaction price. As a result of the price given to the poor, the company will be regarded as malicious evaluation, and complaints to Taobao, held in the end!

three.【about transportation】
1, The goods are completely issued by the third-party carrier company, the carrier's operation of the company can not control, so the company does not promise you to buy the specific arrival time of the goods, goods described in the arrival speed are the experience of speed
2, On the working day1630Before the payment, the general can be shipped the same day, except in special circumstances
3, The goods in the process of transport caused by the loss, damage, the company bear all losses, and re-shipped within three days or to the buyer a full refund
4, Sign the goods, please check in front of the courier to see if there is damage to the packaging, the shortage of goods, if there are no unusual circumstances, please confirm the receipt. According to Taobao trading rules, the receipt of goods that is satisfied with the appearance of the traits
5, Courier sometimes the goods on the unit or cell mail room, if the collection, are regarded as the buyer I sign.
6At present, all over the courier outlets and more for personal contracting, courier delivery personal qualities jagged, if the courier attitude and other attitudes appear clerical, please contact the company, we will negotiate with the local network

1, Buyers in the use of the company sold goods such as the quality of the goods found, please contact us, dial the company phone or send online information, please make the relevant preparations (1, Product purchase time2,user name;3, The name of the shop4,product name;5, Failure details), such as the buyer to pay the postage by the goods to the company, the company will have the right to reject. Therefore, postage should be paid by the buyer, such as after the detection of the company itself is the quality of the product itself, the company will bear the cost of mailing the goods, and postal mail the goods sent by the buyer in return.
2, If there is quality problems of goods, the company assumes the return shipping costs for the buyer to replace the same paragraph of goods, such as out of stock is a full refund
3If the company sends the wrong goods, the company shall bear the return freight for the buyer to replace
4, Because the goods there is a slight color difference returned by the company does not accept the company has repeatedly stated that the color of goods are subject to prevail in kind, special materials, etc., can not guarantee the same picture lines
5, Non-product quality problems will not be returned, the company will strictly abide by the relevant provisions of Taobao, but if buyers for subjective reasons to return, and deliberately find the reasons for the goods, the company reserves the right to complain to Taobao
6, Subjective reasons include: due to the breadth of personal knowledge (computer application knowledge, understanding, etc.), do not understand the use and refuse to communicate, do not respect the relevant information (including product manuals, operating manuals, additional instructions, CD-PDFElectronic manuals, telephone training, remote, etc.), temporary whim, depression, depression, Jie addicts, dissatisfied with the color difference.

Fives.【About evaluation】

1, Each time the buyer has the opportunity to evaluate the shop, the shop attaches great importance to your evaluation, and strive to achieve full praise
2, May not be due to the service attitude of the restaurant made, bad review, that the shop is not good service, please call the shop to dismantle the phone (cast phone :), call before you record good service to your clerk name, Buy the name of the shop, the name of the item, or the name of the technical engineer, who will be punished according to the actual counter-offenders, and asked myself to the buyer Tao Qian!
3, After receiving the goods if any dissatisfaction, be sure to contact the sales staff, the company will work with you to properly resolve
4, Such as the receipt of any dissatisfaction with the product, they do not take the initiative to contact the sales staff to solve, give the company in the assessment, bad reviews, will be regarded as malicious evaluation, and take the initiative to give up the product purchased after-sales service
5, Such as the receipt of the goods have quality problems, the company assumes the return freight for the buyer return, the buyer shall not bother and other reasons refuse to return, the buyer refuses to return as the right to automatically give up after-sales service shall not be based on this The company made in the assessment and negative feedback
6, Any buyer after consultation, regardless of the above articles, the final evaluation of this shop poor, or in the blacklist of critics and returned to the negative assessment or assessment
Sixth, due to social unrest, war, fire, flood, lightning, snowstorm, flight crash, train failure, earthquakes or other irresistible events caused by the goods can not be successfully reached the hands of buyers, the company is not responsible for any!

This "online shopping agreement" to buy our goods immediately after the entry into force

Date of drafting of the agreement: December 31, 2010