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Galanz G80F23CN3P-Q5G80D23CN3P-Q5 microwave oven panel film switch touch button

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discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 4.55
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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The new microwave oven panel pictures are allIn real shooting, please check carefully, the model is for reference only.

Please check carefully before buyingMicrowave oven panel pictures:Function key name, cable, socket, size

Please buyers in the purchase to see their own products of the panel and cable jack as the original, and then orders. When ordering, please specify the type or color required, otherwise it will be shipped according to the default model. In order to avoid sending wrong goods, give customers no trouble. Please also buyers in the purchase to see their own products required after the cable jack is consistent, and then orders.(if there is no check on the payment of the pro, if you buy back later found not on the number, will be treated by refund method,Freight back and forth will be paid by the buyer)。

Buyers can choose microwave oven panel"Return freight insurance", in case there is no return, the freight paid by the insurance company to you!Mode of operation, in the purchase of return freight insurance on the hook can be.

The microwave panel switches sold in this shop are all produced by regular manufacturers to ensure the new quality. Microwave panelAfter the implementation of "warranty a year service (ie products appear inhuman quality problems, quality assurance service for one year, but the freight back and forth to be paid by the buyer)" quality assurance.Return only refund, freight refund.Therefore, you can rest assured to buy the use of our products. Thank you again for coming!

Payment guarantee

All goods in this store to support Alipay, equivalent to cash on delivery, let you buy the rest assured that the purchase of the peace of mind! And our friends deal with Alipay, but the premise is: use the Alipay deal after the receipt of the goods, be sure to48Confirm receipt within Taobao within hours, otherwise, default will be given up to enjoy good and perfect after-sales service!

After sale warranty freight



After sale reason

Return freight

Shipping charges



Microwave panel

15Return within days

Quality problems and non quality problems






quality problem



15Days later

Quality problems and non quality problems



1115Refund of any reason within days, only refund, unable to refund the freight, please understand!

2115Inside the exchange, quality problems, freight buyers and sellers to undertake a process (that buyers returned to the buyer Fu Yunfei; this shop to send back to the buyer, the shop pays). Return to product testing no problem, buyers bear back and forth freight.

315Day ~1During the year, the quality of goods replacement, buyers bear back and forth freight.

Our microwave oven panel after sale"One year warranty" service(Which products appear artificial quality problems, within one year Baohuan, but the return freight to be paid by the buyer)1-15Any reason within the dayReturn, only refund the goods, can not refund the freight,Please forgive me!



When ordering, please specify the type or color required, otherwise it will be shipped according to the default model.In order to avoid sending wrong goods, give customers no trouble. Please also buyers in the purchase to see their own products required after the cable jack is consistent, and then orders.

Home appliance accessories are basically scattered parts, most without independent packaging, when the purchase is often through logistics delivery, individual goods will cause the appearance of a trace of friction parts, before buying please communicate with our customer service personnel after careful selection, color, non parts quality problems will not be that our goods not board or when can return the reason!

All the commodity stores and online stores jointly sell, a large number of goods distribution every day, inventory will change at any time, if the case of no goods, please forgive me! The buyer will contact with the buyer for the first time, if the buyer can wait, we will fill the goods as soon as possible, as soon as possible to arrange delivery, buyers can also apply for refund. We will confirm the refund to the buyer in time.

Installation hints

   Use this product,Please plug it into the computer board. If it is normal, carefully tear the protective sticker on the back(The wrong action may cause the printed circuit film inside the damaged, the damage is not repair.). Paste it in the old panel panel position(Get rid of the old)

Microwave oven panel installation tips

1Microwave panel, do not tear off the paper behind the installation, insert the plug in the wire, try each button can be used to tear the back of the paper,Don't get the stickers out of sight;You can't exchange it if you don't see it!

2The use of this product error action may lead to damage to the printed circuit inside the film, this damage is not guaranteed, affixed to the old panel panel position(Get rid of the old)

3The panel is the repair parts, must be tested before buying, determine that the panel is broken, and then beat, in case of installation,It's not a panel problem, it's a microwave oven computer board problem that needs to be returned, and the freight will be paid by the buyer.

4Each panel of the microwave oven is tested to ensure the panel is normal. If the panel is not ready to use, please check whether the plug is plugged in and whether the metal of the plug is rusty(the panel will appear a lot of reasons for failure, or the computer board failure, or incorrect installation, or installation of damaged carbon membrane contact, or plug too loose), if the return of goods returned to the buyer by the buyer (do not agree not to buy).

Reminder:This product is different from the original size1mm3mmIt is a normal phenomenon and does not affect normal use!

Attention: microwave oven has several thousand volts high pressure, please be careful, don't touch magnetron, high voltage insurance, high voltage diode and high voltage capacitor part!

Express freight

Our goods do not mail, the buyer must pay the freight. Our default "pass express", if you need to send other express, please contact the seller to modify the freight.Buyers buy wrong goods, need to change the goods, buyers need to pay the goods back and forth freight. Buyers to buy their own goods for return, refund wrong, need to return the goods, the buyer must ensure all shipping goods and pay the delivery and return of lossless generated. If this is the wrong goods, all the freight borne by our shop. If the buyer left delivery address is unknown, when the phone has been sent off, do not answer, stop, to send pieces not successful return, buyers need to pay the freight delivery and return.Our shop refused to pay everything, please guarantee the customer consciously pay the freight, photographed agreed to the description of the freight.