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250kg heavy duty automatic door set / heavy automatic induction door / heavy automatic shift door / automatic door

The new heavy door of the automatic door adopts modern design, uses the high power brushless motor and new mechanical components of the global reputation, hanger, hanger, imported high strength nylon, unit load up to 250Kg.

discount 70% in 2018-10-14 to 2018-10-16
price: USD$ 2800.00
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Our default: 4000 yuan is the price of automatic door equipment.

Note: if customers need our door installation, etc., according to customer site, door size and so on to calculate, note: Shanghai city can come to install austria.

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Product features:

The new heavy door of the automatic door adopts modern design, uses the high power brushless motor and new mechanical components of the global reputation, hanger, hanger, imported high strength nylon, unit load up to 250Kg. (the newly designed unit has passed many tests).

Technical parameter:

Door type: single door double door

Single leaf weight: 300kg - 2X250kg

Net opening width DW=1000mm-2800mmDW=1800mm-3800mm

Closed force F: (100N)

Power supply voltage: AC220V+10%, 50-60Hz

Open door running speed: 300-550mm/s (adjustable)

Closing speed: 200-500mm/s (adjustable)

Opening time: 1-10S (adjustable)

Manual thrust: <100N

Power consumption of the whole machine: <100w

Working environment temperature: -20C-+50C

Automatic door set, main machine parts are as follows

Automatic door controller device: 1 Units

Automatic door motor device: 1 units each

Automatic door driven wheel device: 1 units each

Automatic door inductor device: 2 units each

Automatic door remote control device: 1 sets

Automatic door wiring port device: 1 units each

Automatic door wheel device: 4

Automatic door belt connection frame: (left) each 1 sets

Automatic door belt connection frame: (right) 1 Units

Automatic door belt device: 1 pieces each

Automatic door stopper device: each (left) 1 Units

Automatic door stopper device: each (right) 1 Units

Automatic door belt device: 1

Automatic door fasteners: 1 units each

Automatic door guide rail device:2.1 meters long 2 note: if you are single, customers can also be equipped with a 3 meter long rail

Construction instructions: 1 copies each

Certificate: 1 copies each

Warranty: 1 copies each

Note: please buyers pay attention to, if you automatic door is frameless glass door will be(in addition, buy automatic doors for special glass hanging clips)

Double door, with 2 pay, open door, with 1 pay, pay 50 yuan per glass, not punching, the following is the glass hanging folder pictures

Product details:

Function: remote control function, semi open function, normally open function, normally closed (lock) function

Various operating parameters can be adjusted: opening and closing buffer distance, running speed, starting force.

External access control systems, security, etc. the anti pinch electric eye lock.

It is widely used in all kinds of domestic and imported induction gate units

Automatic door controller: sensor or other switch detection signal, used to drive motor control door

With barrier rebound function: microcomputer will record the position of the previous obstacles, door closed in the process, close to obstacles, can slow detection early, to ensure safety.

1. adopt advanced microprocessor control
The 2. parameter adjustment is flexible and convenient
3. can be easily connected with access control system
4. high efficiency loop control, low reactive power loss
5. overload protection device to avoid blocking and rotating wear

Buyers notice

1 before the buyer photographed the goods, please contact with my company, the contact way can use mobile phones or Taobao wangwang! Make sure the goods are available in case the shortage delays your time,But generally normal stock,When the buyer payment, our company shipped the same day, but there will inevitably be a special reason, if there is delayed delivery, our company will inform the customer immediately, please customers buy at ease, thank you!!

Access control system is designed for 2 of the company's office building, office, residential, villas, factories, private property, Intelligent Building, channel access control and the introduction of independent access control system, support card to open the door, open the door password, induction card and password to open the door, three door,(Shanghai cost gated Wholesale CenterIt provides a convenient and direct access control system and automatic induction door system for users, and solves the design scheme and so on.

Express explanation:

1、The company take the product and payment in the Buyers after the first period, strict inspection and testing equipment, if you find the product packaging has been opened, deformation seriously damaged please refuse to sign and inform us, we will promptly and delivery company to negotiate, a sign that the quantity of the goods is accurate and intact.Contact customer service hotline: 13611927250 Mr. Wang

2、Remarks:Because the equipment profit is thin, the buyer undertakesFreight, the default express is the company;Rhyme express, full peak express, daily express, note: automatic induction door unit heavy or long equipment, the default send Debon Logistics