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0-20kh split clamp 300Hz high frequency sensor full frequency current transmitter output 4-20mA

Using precision constant current technique and linear temperature compensation technology, the process of non control variables (consumption) linear isolation is converted into standard variable DC signal output for DC3V3.3V4V5V10V4-20ma20ma PLC or DCS, DSP, MCU, data acquisition card, MCU paperless recorder data acquisition system for data processing A/D conversion or pretreatment provides a standard current signal

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0-20kh 300Hz high frequency split clamp sensor frequency current transducer output is 4-20mA at the rear end of the current sensor such as current transformer, Holzer current sensor, current sensor and Rogowski coil plus conditioning circuit, the AC signal into a DC signal amplitude and AC DC signals is proportional to the value of the effective. The basic principle of conditioning circuit from the definition of the effective value of the signal RMS operation on one or more cycle. There are existing chips that are specially converted to true value. Definition: the effective value of alternating current (RMS) is in the same resistive load circuit, and the DC current of the size of the heat.
Pure sine wave. To measure the true RMS, we can use the JLKA series true RMS current transmitter, which can detect the true effective value in the current, detect the distorted current waveform accurately, and avoid the distortion of the common average current transmitter. One point is that the ordinary current transmitter is a current transmitter calibrated with an effective value by means of the mean value conversion method. When the waveform is a sine wave, the detection is accurate, but the error occurs when the waveform is distorted. The use of true effective value current transmitter JLKA8 is a widely used product at present.
(1) direct and effective value don't between RMS: effective value is: AC voltage, current voltage within a week to convert the DC voltage and current equivalent calculated in the voltmeter engraved sign, so called the effective value of AC voltage and current. (2) now the application of thyristor rectifier and frequency converter is to adjust the voltage by phase shifting, the voltage coming out is not sine wave, if it read out with the scale of the former meter, it is not accurate. Now there is a new voltmeter and ammeter to calculate the value accurately. This is the true value of the measurement.
1. when alternating current is used, the heat generated by the resistance is associated with the average current in a circumferential wave. The square of the square is proportional to it.
Heat and current generated by 2. square is proportional to the average value, that is to say the average current value and the square root after the value is proportional to the effective value
3. for a pure sine wave, the effective value is 0.707 times the peak value (or the peak value is 1.414 times that of the effective value). For example, the effective value is a pure sinusoidal current of 1 amperes, with a peak current of 1.414 amperes.
4. the average is the peak. 0.636 times the value, or 0.9 times the value of the value.
5., when measuring a pure sine wave (only for pure sine wave), it is easy to measure the average value (0.636 times the peak value) and multiplied by the wave factor 1.111 (0.707 times peak value). The obtained value is completely correct.
This value is also called a valid value. This method is widely applied to all analog measuring instruments (the mean value is achieved by the inertia and damping of coil motion) and all the old, meter and most ammeter digital multimeter. This technique is called the "average measurement, demarcated according to the value of the effective value". This measurement method is only suitable for pure sine wave, but in the actual electrical installations, there is no 0-20kh split clamp form, 300Hz high frequency sensor, full frequency current transmitter output 4-20mA.

JLKA-7 200A/4-20ma


True value Holzer current sensor

work environment

ambient temperature


Storage temperature



relative humidity


Pressure condition

Normal atmospheric pressure

Electrical parameters

Rated current range


Error nonlinearity



Output current

@Ip=Ipn    DC4-20ma


Measuring current range



Overload multiplier


working frequency



Working power supply

20-30 ±5%V

Power waste



Insulation impedance


Dielectric Strength



Misaligned current current temperature drift


Output current temperature drift



Zero point current





response time



0-3Db DC-6khz


First wear core

Diameter of inner hole25mm

Shape size



Two terminal

508Terminal connection


greater than10Ten thousand hours



PBTFlame retardant material


EpoxyEpoxy resin adhesive







Offset current

@Ipo ≦±0.1ma

Magnetic misalignment current

@Ipo=±Ipn-0   ≦±0.1ma