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Hong Kong style fire cattle 5V2AipcameraWIFI wireless camera, IC power adapter, cloud network monitoring

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Attention: please confirm that your equipment interface model corresponds to our product before purchasing. Not sure, please timely and our customer service contact, such as because of the wrong purchase and docking, we will not bear the return freight back and forth. Please note!


Input power:100-240V 50/60HZ


Voltage accuracy:0.2% (no load)

Power polarity:Inside and outside the negative, inside ten outside one (special polarity can be ordered according to the need)

Product scheme:ICprogramme

outputDCInterface:Outside diameter 3.5mm* diameter 1.35mm

[attention]The charger will be hot in the process of use is normal, because it is a large 2A current output, fever is higher than the general charger, please feel free to use, such as mind hot relatives do not use Oh, thank you! There's a saying here. It's business

The method of judging the interface size of tablet computer charger:

There are two kinds of common charging ports for tablet computers:2.5MMand3.5MM Most common.These two kinds.Differentiation method:

Tool measuring method:Measure the caliber of the charging port with tools.(unit: mm)

Visual method:commonly2.5MMThe thickness of the charging head of the interface is similar to the thickness of a coin.The charging port is smaller than the headphone port.Generally2.5MMTheIf the charging hole of the tablet computer is the same size as the headphone hole, that is the charging hole of the tablet computer3.5MMInterface.

Excuse me, charger is not charged. What's the matter?

Answer: when facing this kind of problem, please don't rush to return. First check the final cause of the problem, so that it can better solve problems for friends, reduce repeated purchase and can not be used, resulting in time-consuming and laborious, not happy, affect mood.

Our charger will be tested before shipment, good delivery. Generally received goods will not have a bad charger. If you receive the charger can not charge, you have to find ways to check the tablet computer is no problem. So friends can get the service point to check, if the charger is really a problem can be returned. In case the tablet PC is not good, return is not waste postage? You said yes.

To determine the quality of the charger and tablet PC related issues, see below:

Method and reason of judging tablet computer not charging,Help relatives find the reason.

Pro receive charger,Sometimes the problem of electricity can not be met,This is not necessarily a charger problem,Don't worry at this time,Find a way to find the problem.Judging from the following points, what is the problem?.

1.How to detect the charger:Find a multimeter or a nearby maintenance site with a multimeter,Let them check if the charger has a voltage output,It's good to have a charger with a voltage output.If there is no voltage output,The charger is broken.

2.Tablet charging port problem:If the charger is good,Unable to withstand electricity,Could be a tablet computer charging mouth sealing off,Light will appear for a while, fill in a little contact bad appearance.There will be serious problems can not charge the situation,This situation will have to return to the factory warranty.Or find a place to repair welding sealing off landlord about it.

3.The tablet computer battery doesn't work:Tablet computers don't charge for a long time,Charging for a long time will damage the battery,This is very common,Tablet PC not in time,Fill it with electricity,No electricity for a long time,The battery will also go badThe battery doesn't work,It doesn't work.

4.The circuit board is out of order:Some tablet computers can't be switched on,Charging or not charging.This situation.General to send them to the factory building