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Japan imported variable speed variable speed pulley, belt type variable speed wheel, hand adjusting wheel spring AK155PE185

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 700.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Japan pine AK hand speed PE spring wheel: Sales Hotline: 13380105180

Hand wheel: AK90 aperture 11 or 14

Spring wheel: PE106 aperture 12 or 15

Hand wheel: AK124 aperture 14 or 19

Spring wheel: PE124 aperture 15 or 18

Hand wheel: AK140 aperture 19 or 24

Spring wheel: PE155 aperture 18 or 22

Hand wheel: AK155 aperture 24 or 28

Spring wheel: PE185 aperture 22 or 25

Hand wheel: AK185 aperture 28

Spring wheel: PE216 aperture 25 or 30

Spring wheel: PE224 aperture 25 or 30


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Welcome to our shop
1., the store has a solid company, the sale of products are brand new, warranty for one year. This shop to join the consumer protection, please rest assured to buy.
This product can open 2. stores tax invoices, 17% value-added tax. (because of the quota limit, please consult the shopkeeper)
3. due to changes in the prices of automation products, buyers before the purchase, please consult the customer service to confirm whether there is goods.
4. the products of this shop are all big and thin. 15 days after receiving the quality problems, the warranty is paid back and forth by the buyers, please forgive me.
When you receive the goods, remember not to rush to sign, must be in the delivery personnel face inspection of goods, and then sign. To see whether the package is intact, check whether the weight of the label is in line with the physical, there are no traces of open, open the package to see whether the goods are intact, especially the chassis related accessories are complete, if there are differences, please reject, and notify us at that time.
If the buyer does not contact us on the premise of receipt of the goods, which means default and accept the Taobao rules in the surface consistent rules.
In order to protect the company and your interests: buyers who sign after contact with us to reflect the loss of commodity machines or accessories, lack of serious damage to the appearance of the case, the company has the right to refuse to deal with.
5. the price of the automation products may change at any time. The buyers should pay the price at the time of payment. The buyer can not make unreasonable demands to the store on the basis of the commodity price decrease after the purchase of the goods.
6. buyers in the captured goods be completed within 24 hours and payment to contact us or message, we will be the first time the processing of your order, because the industry special price irregular floating reasons, failing to pay the transaction of the company will have the right to do to close the transaction processing. Please forgive me.
7. the price after the payment order will be effective, the time order is not confirmed with us, the price is direct
We have the right to refund the transaction, please understand.
8. because the manufacturer will change the product packaging, origin or some accessories without any advance notice, the company can not ensure that the goods received by the customer are identical with the pictures, origin and accessories of the mall. But absolutely can ensure that the original positive goods, and ensure that the same commodity at the same market, if the mall did not update, please understand!
9. shipping instructions:
Reminder: this station express general use of the province. Lian Hao, Xinfeng state, the province was full; Feng, bulky items sent Nadu, world Arima, Moriteru logistics.
For we can receive the goods smoothly directly, best to check the pass, Xinfeng, Hao Long Bang, full peak, Jan, world Arima can where you or your customers. If you can't, or you want to send it by other express, please note to us. Thank You for Your Cooperation!
10. due to the automation of different types of products, the volume and weight are very different, the freight is based on the weight of the goods, the receiving area, delivery methods to billing. So, after you choose the goods, must contact us first, we calculate the freight for you, and then pay! Delivery methods and time calculation: Express 1-3 days other ways: details! (Note: the customer decided to use what way of delivery, whether the insured value!)
11. to supply, 11:30 noon and afternoon remittance orders, delivery 6:30. The remittance and order will be sent before 5:30 p.m., delivery will be delivered at 6:30 in the afternoon or delivered at 11:30 on the second day. Holidays excepted. If there is no result, please contact us immediately to see if there is any omission!
After delivery, we will send the list of goods, odd numbers and freight company issued on the website or want to inform you, let you inquire at any time, feel secure to receive goods!
12. receipt, please face to face with the freight company staff check number, we will specify the total number of items in the invoice above, if a little, please refuse, and contact us immediately. If you sign it, it means the number is right. If the goods are less after signing, we will not be able to help you verify
13. returns: Dear customers to buy the product before please confirm the specifications, special standard to the sales staff said clearly, the general need to order goods such as no quality problems, will not return; if because of quality problems must be replaced or return, buyers need to provide a problem of the baby photos to the seller, the photos do not provide our power does not provide return service, all the goods are returned without any traces of use, damage and effect of goods for re sale, please contact the seller within 2 days, confirm the return matters; the case of quality problems of our products, our willingness to bear the freight back and forth, reject to pay all the pieces!