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Wholesale Boutique Spring Brush Brush / Power Tools Brush / Motor Brush / Motor Brush 6 * 9 * 18

discount 80% in 2018-05-22 to 2018-05-22
price: USD$ 1.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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PS: All goods in our shop only accept the replacement does not accept returns, so the order can be confirmed before the customer service orders.

1. Our default in the courier, if you need to send other courier please contact customer service and change the shipping costs.

2. OUR released goods pictures are taken in kind photos,And the actual goods, but due to shooting time, angle, display color deviation, personal perception of color and other differences, will result in physical color and photos there are some differences, and sometimes because of the parts purchase different batches The emergence of product color and baby picture color is completely different, and can not be replaced in a timely manner, the use of parts and accessories specifications will not change the final color to the actual product.

3.Please check carefully before buying the kind of pictures provided by the shop, be sure to remove the original for the model, the appearance of contrast confirmed after the shoot.If you do not know the place,Can also contact customer service, customer service help you analyze, determine, but the final decision in the buyer. butAs the buyer did not accurately capture the accessories for your use caused the wrong goods, please keep the goods in good condition and packed to avoid damage to goods, and return shipping costs borne by the buyer.

4. The majority of the shop sales of accessories require professional installation and maintenance workers to install, repair, as a result of improper operation, man-made damage to the restaurant is not responsible.

5. If you receive the goods have quality problems, do not rush in the poor evaluation, you can contact customer service, and we will give you a satisfactory solution. Pro-inclusive and understanding is our greatest support and reward.

6.Because physical stores are also selling parts at the same time, sometimes there will be a shortage of stock. So it is best to contact customer service photographed before the baby to confirm whether the stock. sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Sign note:Please check buyers for obvious signs of incomplete, broken, squeezed phenomenon (the naked eye can see the damage) please refuse buyers. Otherwise, all the problems caused by the damage during transportation, which can not be normally used, are at the buyer's own risk.

After-sales service:

1. As the buyer took the wrong baby need to return, resulting in shipping back and forth by the buyer. After the shop received no damage after the check and then determine the return of the baby money.

2. All boards are on the machine test OK, and the shopPrevent some bad buyers get back to test machine, say the board does not work or misjudge the request to return,If you really want to test please explain, as long as the board is not damaged, only charge 20% test fee, except shipping(20% is the cost and risk, there is a certain risk on the way back to the product, such as extrusion or friction caused by static electricity and other reasons, will cause the risk of micro-components damage.)But for installed damage, please consciously leave the money to the seller, we deal in good faith. Need to return the customer to give the full round-trip freight + test machine fee, such as free postal product customer returns, also need to pay the first delivery fee, please understand, thank you.

3.Unreasonable bad review as abandon the warranty and return service!

4.Because the store is also selling accessories, so sometimes there will be a shortage of stocks, in this case, photographed customers will take the initiative to contact us for a refund. Sorry for the inconvenience!