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Schindler elevator parts 93009500, SWE friction wheel

New original, user notice: 9300 and 9300AE size is not the same

discount 70% in 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-18
price: USD$ 196.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Shopping instructions


Please buyers in the first shot with our shop to contact all aspects of the price of the problem, do not rush to shoot, to avoid unnecessary disputes, thank you for cooperation! Buyers must see: all the baby in my store is to follow the details of the baby


Baby details

All goods in this store are the new and original Schindler, please do not take other buyers in exchange with the seller when compared with the money commodity prices, because this store sales are all new Schindler original pieces, online sales of items with fake goods or second-hand a lot, the quality can not be compared with the original packages, so the price is no comparison.


If Schindler has discontinued a product, can only choose the replacement of the shop will explain clearly with the buyer.


All goods, due to the different destination and the weight of accessories unknown, freight according to the actual situation. Not set the freight as the standard! In case the owner does not take all the freight paid by himself, thank you for your cooperation


1. store all the goods please contact the seller after the first shot, the price according to the market will have a certain fluctuation, because the product and store selling at the same time, does not ensure that every piece of goods shelves are in stock, as far as possible to achieve the order of the day of delivery, buy before the parents contact the owner if the spot, if out of stock I will promptly inform your choice of a refund or goods, you have to avoid delays in the emergency. Do not send goods to avoid shooting, please consult before shooting, without direct contact, I am not responsible for the shop.


2. store upload photos for your convenience control is not with the products you need, some photos with other accessories with photos, not sold together, or other accessories accessories needed, please note, I have promised to send, send the answer should not need additional money.


3. because the price of the product changes frequently, the price on the Internet is only the reference price. If the price is accurate and the stock is not available, please contact the shopkeeper as soon as possible!!! All our stores are marked as 1 yuan. It's not the actual price. It's not priced yet! Please contact the owner of the actual price! The product parameter data is bigger, cannot upload, please understand, if want the product parameter, please contact the shopkeeper! Because of a wide range of products, the shopkeeper can not upload baby, more product models, please contact the treasurer directly!


4. shop sales of electronic board parts, are Schindler original new accessories, because the new Schindler board may involve version problems, and whether to write software, buyers must be contacted with the shopkeeper before the auction, otherwise buy wrong goods responsible for our own, do not give back.


5. man-made damage, plastic, shell, screen shaft, stent, special goods, vulnerable goods, etc., there is no warranty.


6., the store all with your address on Taobao to fill in a single shipment, if there is any change, please give me Wangwang, mobile phone information and purchase note note! Please test and confirm the receipt within 2 days after receipt of the goods! Otherwise, it is deemed to give up after-sales service automatically and will not be returned, and the product does not provide any after-sales service! Thank You for Your Cooperation!


7. please customers before buying. Please check their own models, product pictures, physical map. All buyers to buy their own wrong model, buy the wrong thing installation is not superior, by the buyers conceit. Buy this elevator circuit board customers, please get the product first time to failure on the elevator installation and debugging, in the accessibility of elevator accessories such as the normal operation of the trial and as a quality determining board without quality problems do not. Installed in the elevator, the elevator obstacle bad trial accessories. All the parts before installation. Please try the power to prevent burning. Such as technical workers, improper debugging debugging, will not buy the wrong type, buy before do not confirm whether this worst case fault parts caused by improper technology and other external factors caused by the burning of any responsibility and the shop!



If the product meets the quality problem or the store sends the wrong goods, the store owner is responsible for all the expenses.