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Shanghai Zhengbao YN100BFTP stainless steel screw diaphragm pressure gauge 0-16MPa diaphragm pressure gauge

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Structure principle of diaphragm pressure gauge

When measuring the pressure of medium P acting on the diaphragm, the diaphragm is deformed, sealing liquid compression pressure meter measuring system, the formation of P- Delta P

Structure principle of diaphragm pressure gauge

Pressure. When the diaphragm rigidity is small enough, then P is also very small, close to the measurement of the medium pressure forming pressure gauge pressure system pressure.

1. Temperature characteristics:

The system consists of filling sealing liquid as pressure transfer medium diaphragm pressure gauge, is due to the temperature expansion coefficient of sealing liquid, the pressure gauge and value also increased with the compression part temperature, the temperature effect of volume expansion coefficient and sealing liquid, diaphragm stiffness and compression temperature, especially for the low range pressure meter the effect is more obvious. The general temperature error of the general pressure section is not more than 0.1%/ C. Therefore, the total temperature influence of the diaphragm pressure instrument is generally the sum of both the temperature influence of the general instrument and the temperature of the diaphragm pressure unit.

2accuracy: level 1.6; level 2.5

3, measuring range (Mpa) thread connection type: ~0.1~0/0~60/0~100

Flange connection: ~0.1~0/0~25

Hygienic type of Hoop: ~0.1~0/0~2.5

4, diaphragm material: 0Crl7Nil2Mo2 (316); (Cu30Ni70); Monel Hastelloy (H276C); tantalum (Ta) and fluorine plastic (F4).

5、内部填充工作液:(1)硅油 ;(2)根据客户需求填充

6. Working conditions:

(1) temperature: ambient temperature -20~+55 C; medium temperature -20~+55 centigrade

(2) working pressure: static load: 3/4 used to the upper limit of measurement

(3) 交变负荷:用至测量上限值的2/3

(4) 短时压力:用至测量上限值

7 、连接尺寸

(1)螺纹连接:M20*1.5(G3/8″ G1/2″)

(2) flange connection:

The Ministry of machinery industry standard A. JB81-94 "welding steel flange"

B. Ministry of chemical industry standard "acid" welding steel flanges

C. customized according to user requirements

8. The outer diameter of the instrument: [Phi] 60mm; Phi 75mm; [Phi] 100mm; [Phi] 150mm

9. Instrument execution standard JB/T8624-1997

隔膜压力表 外形尺寸

ZN YM系列适用于测量具腐蚀性、易结晶、高粘度、易凝固、温度较高的液体、气体或颗粒状固体介质的压力以及必须避免测量介质直接进入压力仪表和防止沉淀物积累且易清洗的场合