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TCL LCD TV LCD32K73 power board 40-5PL37C-PWC1XG

discount 70% in 2018-07-21 to 2018-07-23
price: USD$ 17.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Buyers must read

    Please take a few precious minutes to read the necessary reading, shop announcements and shop descriptions. In order to understandCommodity natureReturn principleMatters needing attention in receipt of parcelsAnd so on, avoid unnecessary misunderstanding between the two sides of the transaction. I wish you a happy shopping! If you read the above content, there is still doubt, please contact with the owner to ask, we will certainly provide you with quality service. If you do not ask any questions directly photographed baby, then we will consider you have understood the nature of the goods and other issues, no objection to the goods. After the proposed quality of goods for the reasons for the exchange requirements, we are not accepted, I hope the parents know.

    Because of the large amount of commodity flow and synchronous sales in the real store, please contact the stock before buying.Please use"WangwangAnd SMS or cell phone13138382689   18948228839Contact us!Sometimes there will be individual goods out of stock phenomenon. If you happen to take the goods have been out of stock, our staff will contact you. See if you want to change other goods, or wait for your order when the goods arrive. If you apply for a refund, we will fully respect your opinion. To this end, the inconvenience caused to you, I sincerely hope you can understand.If you are sure that there is no doubt and confirm the purchase, please take the goods! And useAlipay to pay

   Our shop is a professional home appliance repair accessories shop, which involves some professional knowledge, soCustomer groups for all dimension personnelThis is not a family member. Please take care to avoid unnecessary disputes.Please forgive me!Please buyers believe: the seller is a very reasonable person, there is no communication can not solve the problem. I wish buyers friends happy shopping!

Test cost description

     Because many buyers are the machine board on their own TV test, this will damage the machine board and other accessories, seriously affecting the two sales of this. In addition, some buyers purchased the machine board and accessories, and installed the test. However, after testing, not the purchase of machine board parts of the problem, but the other parts of the TV broken, but returned for this refund. This makes our business and sales have had a serious impact.Focus on: all of the machine board we sent out is a professional master test after delivery, so the goods are no quality problems!In this regard, the provisions of this shop:All returned goods must be charged for 20% of the trial price of the goods(for example, 100 yuan for goods and 20 yuan for trial machine). alsoFreight paid by buyer. Hope your parents can understand!

Warranty issues

  Due to the low profit of the machine board, IC and high pressure package, the board, IC and high voltage package are sold uniformlyOnly one month warrantyThe postage should be paid by the buyer. The possibility of a new board failure is extremely bottom, we will test before delivery, to ensure that the goods are intact, before delivery, but in case of a little trouble, please repair their own, profits down. If the whole process of warranty, it really can not do, but also ask your master to understand. As for the buyers who want to install themselves and are not familiar with the circuit, we can guide the installation in time, but we are not responsible for the loss and installation failure due to your fault or limited business level. Hope that buyers can understand, thank you!

Return principle

1.  We got the wrong one. The goods you ordered are not the same as the ones you receivedBuyer's wrong plate and model, please pay the freightIn this case, please do not sign, let express delivery directly return to my place, and notify the owner. As soon as we receive the returned goods, we will send you the goods immediately according to your order.

2.  Damaged during transportation. We guarantee that the package will be inspected strictly before it is sent out to ensure the product is in good condition. And the product will be carried outfoamOther ways of reinforcement (to prevent product damage in transit), but the long-distance delivery trip caused product damage occurred from time to time, so you must be good inspection for this sign, in order to avoid unnecessary losses. Be sure to check on the spot before signing and delivery, and if there is any loss, please contact us immediatelyNever sign for itOh We will contact the courier company to confirm, if delivery couriers can not prove, we can not afford. Because we also want to express company claims, after all, when we send out is in good condition, so should not bear such losses.

3.  All the electronic fittings are made in our shopOriginal,Old and new details of the inquiry seller (usually 8 into 9 into new), refused to receive the goods after the request for exchange!

4.  Before buying accessories, buyers should correct the fault and type of the appliances,Once you buy enough accessories, don't return itBecause all of our accessories are shipped before the machine is checked for OK. If the buyer cannot determine the machine failure, buy accessories on the substitution test, detection of fault location, if the machine fault is not purchased parts, demands the return, we are determined not to accept the return for a refund, (take before this idea to remind buyers, please do not disturb, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes) we once again, if you want to buy accessories not to return, replacement, return shipping by the buyer. (due to buyer's installation error, excessive power consumption caused by the two burn, dismantling parts, etc., all affect the two sales, we do not provide a replacement, please understand)

5.This shopNo pay expressPlease return the postage when the buyers return the goods.

Postage instructions

1.  All the courier companies are starting 12 yuan, led by 1kg, plus 5 yuan per 500g renewals. This shop defaults to hairYun express.2It arrives on the 5 day, but the exact time is decided by courier service. However, if you need other courier companies, please contact our staff.

2.Send SF express to pay, please contact before the seller to change the price!

Delivery time specification

    Afternoon18:00Pre payment orders are shipped on the same day. Because we have large shipments, we need a certain amount of time to pack. And express and 19:00 - 19:30 or so to pick up, so the orders before 19:00 to catch up with express delivery, we will try to deliver the same day. If not, it has to be sent out on the second day. In addition, it will also affect the express company's door-to-door receipt because of the rainy days. We are sorry for this. But we'll send it to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your understanding!


About receipt reminder

1.  Please (or lead the parcel) in the courier company or post office staff to receive parcels, must be on the spotCheck before acceptanceEncapsulatedCommodity quantityIs there any damage?Accessories are complete?Is there any obvious drop in the outer packing of the goods?touchSqueezePressure induced damage. Please sign again when the confirmation is correct. Otherwise, after the receipt of the proposed commodity shortage, damage or wrong parts, this shop is not responsible for oh.

2.  All express parcels we requireI signOnce you let the guard, family, colleagues or friends sign, will also be regarded as my receipt. When the inspection did not put forward the shortage of goods, damage, after signing, not to sign for me, we will not deal with it. Please keep in mind!

3.    Courier quality is uneven, the service is also good or bad everywhere. If you happen to express service is not good attitude, please contact us, we will try to help coordinate. After all, express is not our own home, and we can't control it. Please buyers friends understanding! Don't give us bad reviews because of the express, ignore what we do, so we will be very sad.

I wish buyers friends happy shopping!