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KSD301 temperature control switch 130 degrees 130 degrees 250V10A normally closed jump type thermostat temperature switch

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KSD301 temperature control switch 130 degrees 130 degrees 250V10A normally closed jump type thermostat temperature switch

With stable performance, high precision, small volume, light weight, high reliability, long service life, small dry worry on the radio.

The structure and application:

The KSD301 series is a bimetal thermostat as the temperature sensing element, the appliance is operating normally, the bimetallic element is in free state, the contact point is in a closed / disconnected state, when the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetallic strip is heated by internal stress and rapid action, open / closed / cut off contact in order to close the circuit, temperature control function. When the appliance is cooled to reset temperature, contact automatically closed / open, return to normal working condition.

Widely used in drinking water machine, water heater, Sandwich Toaster, dishwashers, dryers, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, electric kettle, coffee pot, electric refrigerator, air conditioning, gluing machine, office equipment, automobile seat heaters and other electric appliances.

1, the contact temperature sensor installation, should make the metal cover tightly controlled surface mounting apparatus, in order to ensure the temperature effect, temperature should be coated on the surface of conductive adhesive

2, the installation can not be loose or cover top collapse, deformation, so as not to affect the performance of.

3, can not let the liquid into the internal thermostat, and shall not make shell cracks, not free to change the shape of the external terminals.

4, the products are used in the circuit is not greater than the 5A current, should choose the copper core section is 0.5-1 mm 2 wires; use the circuit is not greater than 10A current, should choose the section of the 0.75-1.5 2 mm copper core wire connection.

5, the product should be stored in less than 90% relative humidity, ambient temperature below 40 DEG C warehouse ventilation, clean, dry, non corrosive gas.

The classification of KSD301, according to the temperature, can also according to the material classification, can also be in accordance with the installation points.

According to the nature of the action can be divided into: normally open and normally closed action, action.

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