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Digital display automatic intelligent temperature controller, computer intelligent temperature controller, incubator temperature controller for greenhouse incubation

This machine set socket automatic temperature detection, automatic control system, suitable for boiler, heating, superconducting radiator, heater, electrothermal film, electric cable, electric heating, electric heating, electric heating floor painting Kang, electric heating pipe insulation and thawing, insulation box, fan, hot and cold strain fermentation, seed germination control etc.. This machine adopts imported chip, digital programming, precise control, anti-interference, environmental protection, energy saving, time saving and labor saving.

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Basic function;

1; power supply; 220VAC soil 10%

2; control power; 1.7KW (resistance); 1.2 (perceptual); power; <3W

3; control temperature; 1 -115; range of measurement; 0 -120 C; temperature control accuracy; soil temperature 1

4; control model; model of heating or cooling mode (opened) (Gao Kai) in power before the hole to the rear cover in the row selection dial switch;

5, control mode, upper and lower limit double temperature control, temperature control value can be arbitrarily set

6. Temperature sensing mode; factory equipped with copper self suction temperature sensitive head; thermistor specifications 338010K25 degrees centigrade

7 load connection; the lower left corner of the product socket for the load connection, the use of electrical plugs into the socket before, when running 220V output

8, temperature 0-60 degrees, humidity <85%RH, non corrosive electromagnetic interference occasions!

WK-SM1Temperature control instrument is a kind of industrial intelligent control instrument with high performance, anti-interference, low cost and high reliability. The thermostat using advanced CPU chip, has the characteristics of simple operation, reliable work, high cost performance, widely used in boiler temperature control, temperature control, geothermal refrigeration and air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation and exhaust pump temperature cycle, fermentation, seed germination, electric heater, electric ovenOver temperature protection and temperature of all kinds of electrical equipment


WK-SM series computer intelligent temperature controller adopts advanced single-chip microcomputer controller, which is easy to operate and intelligent. The controller can automatically open and close the power supply of various electric equipment according to the temperature set by the user,Widely used in boilers, heating, superconducting radiator, heater, electrothermal film, electric cable, electric heating, electric heating, electric heating kang floor electric heating insulation and thawing, insulation box, fan, hot and cold fermentation, seed germination control etc.

  Introduction of WK-SM3 products:

One product features

1. easy to install without changing the pipe and line of the application equipmentroad

2.You can set the starting temperature (0-99 DEG C) and the stop temperature (0-99 DEG C) according to your needs, and automatically open and close the power supply of all kinds of electrical equipment

3. using SOP large package chip, high integration, digital programming, accurate control, strong anti-interference abilityThe new type of temperature sensor is sensitive and accurate, and the sensor can be connected according to the user's needs without affecting the accuracy;
4. possess

High temperature startupandLow temperature startingFunction, set the starting temperature and stop temperature at any time (temperature return), namely energyControl heating equipmentAnd againControl refrigerationequipment
5.SM3/SM3AThere are three groups of digital displays, the middle is the measured temperature, the left is the stop temperature, the right is the starting temperature.
SM1There is only one display, the standby state displays the measured temperature, and when the starting temperature is stopped or the temperature key is stopped, the starting temperature and the stopping temperature are displayed and regulated.

6. haveForced startfunctionWhen the ambient temperature drops below 3 degrees centigrade, the thermostat starts forcibly to prevent freezing equipmentOvertemperature alarmFunction,If the ambient temperature is more than 90 degrees centigrade, the temperature controller digital tube flashes and the buzzer sounds, prompting the user to deal with it in time.


Controller test

Two operation instructions
1. temperature setting

Due to the heating and cooling of the two needs, so our thermostat also has "high temperature start" and "ground temperature start" two modes of operation.

1.Temperature setting"Start temperature" and "stop temperature" are set separately. Press "down" or "up" arrow, start setting "start temperature" and "stop temperature", when set the temperature to meet the demand temperature, the temperature at this time is the temperature you set

2.High temperature startupSet the "starting temperature" is greater than "stop temperature", the thermostat is in "high temperature start" state. For example: set "stop temperature" is 20 degrees C, "start temperature" is 30 degrees C, then when the measured temperature reaches 30 degrees C or higher than 30 degrees C, the machine opens, the operation indicator (green light) is bright, at this time the socket power supply. When the actual temperature is reduced to 20 degrees C, the machine is closed, the standby indicator (red light) is bright, and the socket is powered off. (used for cooling equipment, heating circulating pump, etc.)

  Set memory functionThe temperature controller will store your settings to ensure that the settings will not be lost during the blackout and no additional settings are required. 2The connection of temperature controller

Insert the thermostat's power plug into the 220V power supply, the device that is less than or equal to the maximum load is directly inserted into the outlet of the thermostat, and the equipment larger than the maximum load needs to be replaced by contactor.Air conditioning motor and other inductive load starting current is 3-7 times the normal working current, please use the contactor.

3. temperature sensitive head use notes:
As long as you correct operation, the temperature head is not easy to damage, without changing frequently, the temperature head that can plug and pull seems convenient. In fact, the galvanized plug is easy to be oxidized and connected, leading to the failure of the temperature control signal, causing serious consequences, our factory has considered the work has stopped. Computer memory "golden finger", long time will be oxidized connected virtual, is the same principle.

4Selection of temperature sensitive head
(1) the magnetic suction temperature head is suitable for adsorption and fixation on the metal. There is a permanent magnet block inside it, and it is bonded with glue. Therefore, the temperature response time of the waterproof temperature head is a little slower than that of the waterproof temperature head;
(2) water sensitive temperature sensitive head, suitable for use in water

Below 80 DEG C) and humid environment, if you require faster reaction temperature or wet environment, or is a direct measurement of the temperature of the air, please choose the waterproof head.
(3) the air temperature response is very sensitive, if you measure directly

Dry airTemperature, and high sensitivity requirements, please choose air temperature head.

Many customers home commonly used thermometer to test the temperature control is accurate, because most of the families do not have regular thermometer itself measurement correction, even if the two branches of the same type thermometer shows the temperature is not the same, so there is no way as standard measurement instruments to identify whether our accurate temperature controller! You are recommended to do the following experiments: the probe clip in your armpit, the normal temperature of adults is between 36 to 37 degrees Celsius, the control precision of temperature controller we are positive and negative 1 DEG C, so, as long as the thermostat temperature measurement in this range, you can think of our temperatureThe temperature is normal