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LED three proofings lamp explosion-proof lamp machining center machine lamps 24V220VCNCled light machine work

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discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 101.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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72 buyers notice 72
Dear buyer, please take a few minutes to read the following carefully before buying our product so as to avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings in our transaction. In order to save your valuable time, please ask or one-time ask some more questions to ask you, because at the same time many online consulting clients, we are the first to reply first, then received a customer may have several minutes or tens of minutes to return your second messages, so you ask one or ask a little more convenient, you quickly to buy your favorite baby.
72 delivery time 72
The purchase time is based on the buyer's payment time. Under normal circumstances, the order before 16 o'clock every day will be arranged on the same day. If there is a special situation, we will contact with the buyer in time, and the parents can also consult the customer service when buying.
The 72 sign to remind all our 72 products have been issued before the strict inspection, the absolute guarantee that the goods in good condition, when buyers sign I sign or entrust the third party to sign, please buyers sign you need to see the packaging is intact, if damaged, obvious extrusion deformation, check the number of purchased goods and the appearance of problems, such as have any questions please immediately contact us or refuse to sign, once the sign is the default receive what is the loss only if there is flawless and perfect, shall be borne by the buyers themselves! Check the sign face, please buyers friends couriers, check goods before delivery staff, first check the packaging is intact, and then open the package, check whether you buy parts and consistent product and quantity, if there is any abnormal, please do not sign the receipt, but do not let the courier leave and immediately picked up the phone and call us on a telephone bill, informed of the actual situation, we can confirm the receipt after phone case, can sign the receipt, let the courier left, then contact us as soon as possible on-line customer service customer service to confirm as soon as possible; if the courier requirements must be signed, then sign after word please when his face unpacking, confirm the accessory, if have the wrong place please inform us to contact the courier address! Please let the distributor leave without confirming the quantity or appearance of the goods. We refuse to accept the loss. Please forgive.
For customers who can not sign for themselves, we suggest that when we buy, give us a customer service message, tell us when you are convenient to sign for ourselves, we give you a note on the express list, so that the delivery staff within a specified time delivery! Be sure to do personally check and sign, all because of the guard, security, family, friends and other express collection will be regarded as my receipt. Due to logistics reasons, before you sign, appear damaged or lost, we will be in the logistics confirmation within three days to reissue you
72 about product pictures and customized products 72
All photos are taken in kind or similar goods, the goods due to display, shooting and other factors, can not avoid the existence of certain differences, in accordance with the object, please understand. Shop orders a product 1, the buyer paid to Alipay after 2 can apply for a refund, if accord with custom data (data of the normal error), no retreat, change. The shop owner carefully packed it. However, in case of a problem, please sign the inspection, once the damage to the goods or goods and express a single number and does not match, please when express face to call the landlord, and the registration of written and express company, then put the damaged items and lack of goods packaging pictures to the seller, for processing. In the case of this claim, the owner will not be responsible for the claim. The buyer can not give the Seller any comment and comment. The buyer signs the goods to confirm the quality of the product. Customized products as long as consistent with customized data, standard products, as long as consistent with the product function description, buyers do not accept other reasons given by the middle and poor assessment. Buyers who are not good at communication and are too picky, please buy our products carefully.
72 return problem buying 72 shop for .com, certified businesses, since the beginning of the receipt (express website sign time), within seven days, not satisfied with the product, not love, does not affect the second sales situation, can return, except for customized products. Due to the problems caused by the product itself or the mistakes we return, we bear the return postage, but that is, no matter how many customers are sent back to the buyer postage, we return to the postage does not exceed customers purchase the actual charges by Fei Jine (10 yuan postage for buyers to purchase a product 100 yuan and postage 15 yuan, a total of 110 yuan, if the product causes led to return, no matter how many buyers have sent back freight, we only take buyers sent back 15 yuan postage, if the purchase discount, just 10 yuan postage, so we can only assume the highest delivery).
Due to the buyer's own do not love, and so have to buy the wrong postage, all buyers themselves, send back, please contact line to fill the post and postage, we received the first time after a change; all return the transaction, please friends must leave a note in the parcel, clearly written clear: want name (ID), name, address, telephone number, order number, return, as buyers sent back the express, in the package can not find the note or message note fuzzy not clear, we can not in the background query to the buyer transaction information, which is caused by the replacement of the refund delays, we do not take responsibility, please forgive. Because of the commodity problem sent back the courier, by the buyer to pay the postage paid in advance, all refused to sign! Such change or return, we pay when you buy postage amount according to our payment to the payment account, or to contact us directly for postage refund, thank you for your understanding and cooperation! Please customers and friends must be read carefully before buying over the terms of our. Once the purchase goods in the shop as we accept the above terms, buyers cannot in any way refuse to fulfill the above terms, not to buy before didn't see it as an excuse to refuse to fulfil the terms. Because you buy goods, read carefully is your duty and your purchase terms, we must abide by the trading rules. If you do not agree with the restaurant on the above point of view, we do not advise you to buy our products!
The 72 mode of transport 72
This shop according to the packaging buyers to buy the quantity and variety of choice of different commodities, small pieces of hair (the default courier rhyme, every day, tact, Shen Tong, Tong, downwind), large logistics (Nadu Kakichi, Hua Yu, world) but the road to see far away, to choose the right mode of transport you. Because every day there are more orders, we will not address each one to the customer to check whether the arrival, just take the express, accept the default is the default courier, express not to cause because of time loss, this shop is not responsible!
72 postage 72 Zhejiang Shanghai and Anhui 10 or more free shipping. Because of the actual weight of goods and customers are located in different areas, according to the actual amount of freight charge. Specific charges of both parties, so the above standard postage only as a reference. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai express normal arrival day, far from the three - four days of arrival, we will also send courier express company and the carrier bill number in the right way to send to you.
72 The aim of this shop 72 similar industry in our independent innovation, entrepreneurial spirit of excellence.
For our customers to the customer first, quality win, service mode.
The company of our strict self-discipline, pragmatic innovation, the concept of quality.
Welcome your evaluation and guidance.
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72 customer service service 72 factory 3 customer service staff for 7*12 hours on the customer equipment operation escort.