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Shanghai Luyuan high power 4U35/45W/55/65/855U105/125WE27 energy-saving bulb

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 59.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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[brand]: Green

[model]: E27 lamp holder, a screw is an ordinary screw (27MM). E40 (2 yuan) (about 40mm in diameter metal lamp),

[power]: according to the number of actual purchase specific tile color options text

[color]:6500K white

             2700K yellow light / light / warm incandescent color



1, high luminous efficiency, long life;
2, small volume, convenient application;
3, selection of high-quality electronic components, stable and reliable product performance;
4, high color, showing things color, similar to sunlight;
5, equipped with interference filters, good anti-jamming performance, can effectively restrain the outside of the lamp and the lamp power interference interference on the power grid;
6, the product using ambient temperature -10 ~+40 DEG c;
7, wide working voltage range of 100V-250V.

Application places:
This product can be widely used in lighting based on various occasions, such as commercial lighting, home lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting etc.

Instructions for using electronic energy-saving lamp

A, use:

Is the use of energy-saving fluorescent lamp electronic ballast technology and 100% three color tubes made of general lighting self ballasted fluorescent lamps, is a kind of energy-saving lighting source model, can easily replace the incandescent lamp, widely used in home, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, factories, office buildings and other similar lighting applications.

Two, characteristics:

Self ballasted fluorescent lamps with high luminous efficiency, long life, fast starting, electricity saving, and can be used for AC170V-245V under the same lighting effect voltage characteristics, power consumption is only 20% of incandescent lamp, energy saving and as the promotion of green lighting project, self ballasted fluorescent lamps is an ideal light source. When no AC noise, no stroboscopic phenomenon. Good safety performance, flame retardant plastic design.

Three, matters needing attention:

L, installation and replacement must cut off power supply to ensure safety; please note whether the voltage in the normal range (AC170V~245V).

2, should not be used for dimming circuit, electronic remote control switch and frequent switching occasions, the voltage too high or too low will affect the normal service life.

3, when the lamp (self extinguishing, abnormal flashing), contact performance and power supply voltage check lamp and lamp holder, if necessary, replace the lamp.

4, please grasp the plastic part by hand, to ensure personal safety and to avoid crushing tube.

5, the use of light environment temperature: 50 degrees, 10 degrees below zero


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★★★If it is not bright, you can check your head, there is not a lot of light at the bottom of the lamp holder are not exposed to copper lamp caused (you may also put a lamp will be bright, because the lamp is not made the same level of 100%), you can try to hook or copper. Using a multimeter to detect whether the energy-saving lampReally not bad if it is not bright, bright can you plastic sign your name (must sign) and then contact back to us, we will detect if the received light will give you the money and 1 freight (no longer return if bright repetition) and we will contact you back then you pay 1 times the freight money.

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