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Jinju brand diamond grinding paste jade jade beeswax turquoise mirror polishing diamond paste w2.5w3.5

discount 80% in 2018-05-25 to 2018-05-25
price: USD$ 31.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Jinju abrasive paste basically only w2.5 and w3.5 two specifications!

product manual:Jinju diamond grinding paste (also known as diamond polishing paste): Is made of fine diamond powder and other raw materials made of fine,For jade orMetal grinding and polishing is an ideal abrasive paste, containing diamond oil, has good lubrication and cooling performance,ColorlessSmell fragrance!With efficient, convenient, pollution-free, non-corrosive and so onOne of the diamond particles high hardness, uniform particle size, grinding effect is good for jade, agate, crystal, jade, ceramics,Carbide and other high hardness materials products measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high-finish workpiece grinding, polishingIn addition its use of large cans (50 grams), see affordable.

Explain:Pro received after the items, open the lid, and sometimes found inside the abrasive paste paste some scattered, This is due to the courier when carrying express mail too brutal, Which is the same amount of abrasive paste, the net content is 50 grams, containing 62 grams of tank weight, are full, please understand

Officially registered in SAIC in 1987 as"Jinju"Brand trademark,38-year-old factory production, direct purchase of goods manufacturers, absolutely real material! Please recognize the lid"chrysanthemum"Signs, beware of fake

InstructionsUse blades and other objects to pick someDiamond gypsum to be polished jade, jade or metal surface, spread, and then use the wool wheel, wool head or cotton wheel polished, observe the surface brightness, until the parents are satisfied with only!
Polish the wax gently against the rim of the wheel and make sure it is below the level of the rotating shaft until the surface is covered with wax. Lightly rest the wheel surface with a clean piece for a few seconds to spread the wax. Repeated several times, the wax evenly covered on the surface. When the surface completely covered with wax, you can carry out the polishing process. If necessary, polish the wax on the wheel (wipe the wax on the wheel before applying)!

38-year-old factory production, real material expected! Please recognize the lid on the "chrysanthemum" sign to prevent counterfeiting!
In addition, the shop wool wheel, wool head, cotton wheel are available for sale.