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Dahl excellent engineer alloy version 1 generation 2 generation 108 key black axis tea axis green keyboard protection foil

Pro before buying please carefully matched with the graphic details in the key control key figure, there is a variety of types of notebook computer keyboard phenomenon. If you are different, please contact the customer service to send the keyboard photos, match the keyboard! Because of their own reasons wrong shooting can not be used, the consequences of the buyers themselves! Please cooperate with each other, thank you! The keyboard membrane is cleaned once every 15-20 days, and the tap water can be washed and dried. Bump key corresponding joint tensile deformation, weaken the percussion sound!

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freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[tips]: This product is authentic, with packaging, super value price, refused to bargain! ]

Express mailRhyme, Shen Tong ~!

Please pay attention to correct use of cleaning adhesive

* clean mud color random hair, do not accept the specified color *

 stepAfter the first clean out mud, as much as rub knead the dough make clean gum have certain toughness, (e.g.Summer use, the weather is too hot to make the goods will become slightly diluted, put the refrigerator freezer ice first, and then gently press on the need to clean the keyboard (note gently press), placed on the keyboard can not be more than 30 seconds, and then slowly uncover. The keyboard can be cleaned again and again.

[problems caused by improper operation]
All for personal reasons, not for our products

Q: why does the cleaning glue remain in the keyboard?

Answer: before use without kneading, press too hard, put keyboard time is long, open too fast. These are caused by incorrect operation, and have nothing to do with the product itself. Please use correctly ~!


Buyers remember:Because the keyboard protective film is allSpecial for brand and modelSo, please buy some for your laptop to find clear style, because he did not identify if buyers bought the wrong, we are not responsible, if cannot be determined before buying please consult the waiter! If you are very clear about your own book model, you can search in the search column accurate search you need baby yo, search brand + model + keyboard film can be. Color printing film hotkey will be some difference, but the general printing is correct, does not affect the membrane keyboard and the keys fit, if you mind, please choose the special transparent film. Not to print, I made a wrong key problems become poor by reason, thanks to the support of ~231

[key] control chart

Tip: here is the keyboard film advertising chart, reference color and style. We only use model and key bitmap to match the special corresponding type