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High quality 15A250VAC contact switch, electric cooker, microwave oven, micro switch, electric cooker accessories

discount 70% in 2018-09-17 to 2018-09-19
price: USD$ 1.05
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:9
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Brand newThe original programComputer board,be even qualityPlease.Don't worryBuy!

The ten year old Taobao settledEarn a reputation score. This shop specializes in the wholesale of various household appliances accessories,Factory direct salesCustomers are welcome to order, order.

On the product price according to provinces postage charges, exceeding 1 kg extra freight

      Guangdong province can be cash on delivery

This shop operating in good faith-based, quality assurance, high quality and inexpensive goods, please rest assured to buy the majority of customers

Please confirm before buyingWhether or not the bad partsIf it is still the same fault, after installation, then it is not the accessories. All of the company's electronic products factoryAll the tested machine

All buyers friends, because accessories product varieties, large flow, strong seasonal, plus stock manufacturers and so on, out of stock is normal. Buyers friends at the time of purchase to the seller please inquire whether there is stock, the two sides took again after a conversation. In order to avoid no goods to bring you unnecessary trouble, thank you!

Commitment: one year replacement computer board washing machine
Ancestors funeralPlease confirm the payment and evaluation within 48 hours after receipt of the goods.Give comments or bad comments that accept the following conditions:
Give up the computer board one year warranty service,

Give up the computer board burn bag replacement service,

Give up the computer board one month return service package,

Including to abandon the purchase of other goods,

You declinedCheap product qualityandGood customer service service

Because the washing machine parts with a variety of accessories can also be used in different brands of washing machine, if there is no clear place, can contact me, or send pictures to me, I can provide you with analysis and discrimination.

ReminderPlease check the motor, the inlet valve, drain valve three is in good condition before installation,Otherwise it will burnThe computer board (inlet valve line resistance should be greater than 4K, DC valve should be greater than 100, otherwise bad devices should be replaced), so as not to install up again burned circuit board. Electronic water washing machine, please water use equal frequency, otherwise there will be more than water or dry phenomenon. Please make sure the computer board is bad to buy!

China logistics supervision is not perfect,Please buyer mustUnpacking inspectionAfter receipt of the goods were damaged by the postal law and inform the relevant provisions of Taobao warranty does not return

Electronic components, many objective factors, please understand buyers buy motherboard repair, at the same time, please buy Freight"Transport insurance".In order to avoid improper installation in return

Warranty policy:

1: the computer board washing machine: seven days (shipping buyers), one month Baohuan (shipping each half) one year warranty (shipping buyers)

2: microwave oven panel: sales to one year from the date of replacement, any quality problems return trip by the buyer (The microwave oven has better test panel delivery quality problems)

3: accessories: guaranteed for three months, this warranty freight by the buyer (if not guaranteed will specify)

Warranty procedureContact: Taobao to provide the date of purchase, and to praise screenshot I shop, the buyer will confirm goods back to me and keep the shop express orders within 3-5 days after receipt, contact me shop testing, will replace the products to buyers, "the end of the warranty warranty noteItaly: 1. to accept online processing with 2. customer service warranty card sent back together and indicate the quality of the reasons "The shop refused to pay all the pieces please consciously pay freight customer warranty
The appearance of goods:For manufacturers of different production batches, there will be part of the position, color, appearance change, program function increase or conversion function, but does not affect the normal use, which belongs to the normal. If you don't believe the baby's quality, or if you find the maintenance staff said it was defective, so please leave a heart, the main profit from customer service maintenance accessories, they only charge the cost of installation and they are not willing to, no matter how good we give you the accessories, they will say not good. If the thickness of receipt of goods has any objection, pleaseContact us for consultationNot bad, directly or in the comments, so we can not solve any problems,Pay attention to every orderThank you!

Key tips:This shop is a courier can not control, can only be responsible for the delivery time, delivery time is only about the normal time, such as the normal time to be, not our responsibility, not to blame this shop. The statement causes broken goods logistics and express the rebate does not change. (Note: this shop washing machine computer board before deliveryHave normal testAfter delivery, suggest relatives received in the computer board after the first trial on separate electricity, avoid fault burn because the other computer board washing machine, we saidThe goods is a problem, that we did not check the delivery caused misunderstanding.)

The receipt.Now the logistics, express delivery of goods already broke, is common, so the prior statement, sent out the shop goods because the courier reason broke, buyers have signed the rebate does not change, in order to avoid Pro unnecessary losses, we avoid misunderstanding, we are very serious: be sure to remind you careful inspection of goods, delivery staff need to inspect the goods after signing the first pro, pro assured sign, but must be signed the list in his hand, and then examine the goods, confirm the goods without any problems beforeThe air waybill to delivery personnel, if the goods have a problem, you must let the courier confirm that the goods have been damaged, refuse to return requirements, crossed out has been signed, and timely contact with us, so that we can ask the courier company claims, pro, express transportation riskExpress, we can not control, please be sure to pay attention to this details, in order to avoid the loss caused by the loss of goods, this is the right of the pro, is also a pro obligation.


Express selection:Our choice of express delivery rhyme. Shen Tong. SF and other courier, if the parents need to specify delivery express, please be sure to note, and ask to determine the freight, if there is no note designated express, according to our default Express - through express