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GRIS car inverter, 1000W multi-function computer charger, DC12V to AC220V automotive transformer

Power converter for car with 12 volts to 220 volts vehicular inverter

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Product function:

It is a convenient power converter that can convert DC12V DC power to AC220V AC power which is the same as that of city power. The new high frequency switch mode, secondary frequency conversion technology, plus the integration module makes the volume and weight is greatly reduced, only one-fifth of the traditional inverter to tenth, efficiency has been a qualitative leap, the conversion reached more than 90%, convenient for use in the car, safe and reliable.
Some owners for the convenience of some DC DC electrical appliances such as mobile phone, notebook computer power supply: 220V and PDA do not use their own distribution in the car and with a simple converter directly inserted into the cigarette lighter, this is wrong, the car battery voltage instability, direct electric appliances may be burned is not safe, it will greatly influence the service life of the electric appliance, because the original factory with 220V power supply is designed for the electric appliance manufacturers, there is great instability.
In foreign countries, almost every car's toolbox can find a car inverter. Because of its usefulness, with it, your car becomes your home outlet board, you can freely use your previously unavailable appliances.
Applicable electrical appliance:
The lighter 12V DC power into AC 220V, so you can put all the small home appliances are used to move the car, such as mobile phone, notebook computer, PDA, MP4/MP3, digital camera, video camera, walkie talkie, car refrigerator, electric cooker, lighting lamps, car TV machine, CD/DVD machine, PDA game machine, printer, electric shaver, part of emergency medical treatment, field detection, * *, rescue and other electrical equipment (power inverter type, not at the same time, which can drive the electrical appliances will be different). Even if you travel in the way, there is also a feeling of staying at home, no longer for mobile phones without embarrassment, and no longer camping for heating food can not be bothered, you can also use the high horsepower alternating current waxing machine to the car DIY beauty......
How much power inverters do you buy?
Recommended to use the most frequently used electrical power more than two times, choose the power of the larger car inverter, than the use of the power of the car inverter is more secure, because the power of a large number of car inverter heating, power consumption in small, of course, to save power.
Inverter matters needing attention
General cigarette lighter Fuse Rated power between 150 - 180W, electrical power is greater than the cigar lighter rated power, fuse will have the risk of burning, so choose the inverter should be between 75 - 300W the most appropriate.
Do you want to use the laptop, mobile phone, camera, digital camera, MP4, MP3 and other digital products in the car forever? This product can meet the needs of your car, uninterrupted car 220V power supply or USB equipment power (MP4, MP3).
Application of vehicle mounted inverter in daily life
Vehicle mounted inverter (power converter, PowerInverter) is a kind of AC220V AC power which can convert DC12V DC power to city power, which is used for general electric appliance. It is a kind of convenient power converter for vehicle. Vehicle power inverter has been widely welcomed in foreign markets. In foreign countries, because of the high popularity of cars, go out work or travel, you can use inverter to connect the battery, drive electrical and various tools work. After China's entry into WTO, more and more private transport vehicles in the domestic market, therefore, the car inverter power as a DC converter in the mobile exchange, will bring a lot of convenience to your life, is a standing car electronic equipment supplies.
Product features
1, imported SMT chip manufacturing technology, advanced circuit design, 100 aging test, GRIS brands to ensure product quality.
2, internal protection circuit to prevent the effects of electric pulse or voltage fluctuation, can withstand the impact of compressor, TV display large power electric appliances Safety start, the power switch can be cut off completely after the internal circuit, can protect the battery from loss.
3, self protection design, so that when the voltage is less than 10V, it will automatically shut down, to ensure that the battery has enough power to start the vehicle.
4, overheating or overload will automatically shut down; after returning to normal will automatically start.
5, no noise at work, the normal use can run for many years without maintenance.
6, input methods are diverse: 12V input, cigarette lighter input, battery direct input, fully meet the needs of the owners of AC power consumption.
7, the product Aluminum Alloy manufacturing, high-pressure plasma titanium surface technology, high-end, fashion, products, good texture; high hardness, chemical stability, antioxidant.
Product parameter
Vehicle power converter (PowerInverter) performance parameter /Specifications:
DC input voltage /InputVoltage:Dc10 - 14.8V, (18-24v)
AC output voltage /OutputVoltage:Ac220v, 230v240v, (100V, 110V, 120V)
Continuous output power /ContinuousPoweroutput: cigarette lighter /Cigarrettelighter200w
Continuous output power /ContinuousPoweroutput: clamp battery /Cigarrettelighter1000w
Peak output power /SurgePowerCapacity:1000w
Output waveform /OutputWaveform: analog sine wave /ModifiedSineWave
The output frequency is /Frequency: 4%50Hz, (60Hz)
Output: 90.5% /AvailabilityPower
Low voltage shutdown /LOWVoltageRange: < 9.6V
High voltage shutdown /HigeVoltageRange: > 14.8V
/NoLoadcurrent: the no-load current is less than or equal to 0.4A
Overload protection /OverLoadProtect: > 400W
Overheat protection /OverHeatProtect: > 60
Insurance tube /fuse2X25A
Cooling fan: Yes
150 and 200W without distribution battery wire, 300W above distribution battery wiring (150W/200W), cigarette lighter take wire, power conversion socket, Chinese and English instructions.
Don't panic, GE series inverter saver to help you busy. GRIS series inverter is a power outage. Nemesis, let you solve the menace from the rear.
Inverter related knowledge:
What is a sine wave inverter?
The waveform classification of Inverters from AC to AC is mainly divided into two categories: one is sine wave inverter, and the other is square wave inverter. Sine wave inverters output the same sinusoidal currents as our daily power grid, because there is no electromagnetic pollution in the grid. The square wave inverter outputs the square wave alternating current with poor quality, and the forward maximum to the negative maximum is almost at the same time, which has a severe unstable effect on the load and the inverter itself. At the same time, the load capacity is poor, only 40 to 60% of the rated load, and can not be inductive load. If the load is too large, the three harmonic component contained in the square wave current will increase the capacitive current into the load, and will seriously damage the power filter capacitor of the load. In view of the above shortcomings, in recent years there has been a quasi sine wave (or modified sine wave, sine wave, sine wave correction etc.) inverter, the output waveform from positive to negative maximum value has a time interval to the maximum value, the use effect is improved, but the quasi sinusoidal waveform is still by the straight line, which belongs to the category of square wave. Continuity is not good. To sum up, sine wave inverters provide high quality AC power, which can drive any kind of load, but both technical requirements and cost are high. Quasi sine wave inverter can meet most of our electricity demand, high efficiency, low noise, moderate price, so become the mainstream product in the market. Square wave inverter adopts simple multivibrator, which belongs to the level of 50s, and will gradually withdraw from the market.
What are the major differences between inverters and UPS?
An inverter is a current converting device that converts direct current into alternating current, or converts alternating current into direct current.
UPS is an uninterrupted power supply device, the principle is battery + inverter, the city power through inverter to DC, DC to battery charging, if the city power off, immediately converted to the battery, through the inverter into alternating current, can be used directly for electrical appliances.
The term "pressurizer" is also mentioned here. The regulator can maintain the unstable power supply at a fixed voltage by means of a voltage stabilizing device, which is beneficial to the normal use of the electric appliance.
In civil use, the regulator is widely used, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, many users in the total incoming line on the installation of high power regulators, so that all electrical appliances are protected. We know, especially after the power cut and recovery, the voltage will have an overload peak, the instantaneous voltage is too high, this is the cause of most electrical equipment damage.
UPS power is applied to the computer as such an unexpected power outage may cause loss of data such as electrical appliances, power is generally 1 seconds caused by the shutdown will start losing data, you can use UPS direct power supply protection, such as servers, Unicom mobile towers etc..
Some of the requirements are not too high, equipment will also use some back-up power supply system, such as emergency exit, a little slower reaction, there are standby engines for more than 10 seconds power supply, but also the use of batteries. For example, the power plant's own electricity system, equipped with millions of standby diesel units, preheating all day, once there is an accident power outage, to ensure that more than a dozen or dozens of seconds to restore power supply.
But because it is only one inverter current switching device, rarely used alone, the typical example is the vehicle power supply is an inverter, it takes 12 volt DC power from the car cigarette lighter, converted to 220 AC power for AC electrical appliances, such as notebook computer.
Installation and use method:
Switch the switch to the OFF position, then hold the battery clip on the battery and keep it firmly
* confirm the power of all the appliances below the nominal power of the product, insert the 220V plug of the appliance directly into the 220V socket at the end of the converter, and ensure the sum of the power of the electrical connection between the two sockets, within the nominal power of the product
Switch on converter, green indicator light, indicating normal operation
* red indicator light indicates that the converter is switched off due to over voltage / undervoltage / over / over temperature
In many cases, due to the limited output of the car's cigarette lighter, the converter will alarm or turn off when it is in use. When the vehicle is started or the power consumption is reduced, it can be restored to normal
Matters needing attention:
In the family use, TV, display, motor and other household appliances consumption at startup peak. Although the peak power converter can withstand 2 times the nominal power, but some power with peak power requirements of electrical appliances may exceed the converter output power, causing overload protection, the current is turned off while driving. A number of electrical appliances, it may happen, then you should shut down the electrical switch, open the switch, and then open the switch, and should first open the highest peak of electrical appliances.
Common problems and solutions:
(1) problem: the electric appliance does not work, the converter indicator lamp is not bright, the reason is the bad battery or the positive and negative pole connection or the connection is not tight
The solution is: check the battery, change or check the battery connection according to the specific conditions, the converter may be damaged, replace the converter or send to the warranty or inspection cable and connection, tighten the terminal
(2): electrical converter does not work, the red indicator light is more than the rated power electrical converter nominal power, caused by overload shutdown or electrical power is less than the nominal power converter, high peak power, caused by overload shutdown or battery discharge (converter alarm) or poor ventilation caused by over temperature shutdown or input the voltage is too high
@ suggested solutions: less than the nominal power converter using a power converter electrical appliances or peak power over the peak power, peak power converter is consistent with the use of electrical or charging or replacing the battery or shut down the converter, cooling for 15 minutes, remove the fan and converter peripheral items, the converter is placed in a cool place, according to the requirement of reducing load. A reboot or check the charging system working state, the output voltage of 12V. battery
(3) problem: the output voltage of the converter measured is too low because the reading range of the voltmeter is too small for the general measurement
@ recommended solution: measure correction wave converter output, use "true RMS" to obtain accurate data
(4) problem: the converter can only drive the small power load because the current goes through the wire and the voltage is attenuated
@ the proposed solution: reduce the wire length, wire use bold.
(5) problem: the battery use time is too short, the reason is that the electric energy consumption is greater than the rated load of the converter, or the battery is bad or damaged, or the battery is not charged enough, or the current is attenuated when passing through the wire
@ the proposed solution: intelligent use of large capacity battery or replace the battery or charger can give the battery fully charged shall be replaced with better electrical impulse or shorten the length of the wire, wire use bold