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Multifunctional surgical treatment machine / LK-3 electrocautery treatment / iontophoresis instrument / beauty instrument Free shipping

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Ion knife Introduction:

The treatment of the instrument, the use of high-frequency current and the use of 0.1-1 diameter metal stylus, close to or inserted into the body lesions, the stylus and tissue with a very small air gap to form a very high electric field strength ionization of gas molecules, resulting in plasma flame. When rotating to a strong output, the instantaneous temperature of about 3000 ° C, the lesions of the tissue gasification and disappear, at the same time, due to the vaporization layer there is a thin layer of solidification can prevent bleeding, protect the surface tissue, the wound quickly heal. When spinning to weak output, the diseased tissue can be solidified or carbonized, gasification and necrosis. The instrument is suitable for dermatology, surgery, ENT, gynecology and other 50 kinds of diseases.

Product Indications:

Gynecology: cervical erosion, cervical polyps, cervical gland cyst and so on.

Surgery: incision tissue, anal fissure, anal fistula, perianal abscess, external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, rectal polyps, circumcision, hemostasis;

Dermatology: all kinds of moles, warts, freckles, senile plaques, vascular nevus, simple hemangioma, telangiectasia, genital warts, stinking, tattooing and so on.

ENT: chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, nasal benign tumor, nasal polyps, dental bleeding, gingival hyperplasia, pericoronitis, maxillary sinusitis, chronic pharyngitis, ear and so on.

The main technical parameters of the instrument:
1, the use of power: ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz
2, Input power: ≤100W
3, the output power (maximum): 50W
4, the output frequency: 200KHz ± 20KHz
5, the ambient temperature: 5C ~ 40C
6, the relative temperature: <80%
7, Volume: 360 (L) × 300 (W) × 135 (H) (mm)
8, Weight: 6.5kg (6kg)